Friday, December 16, 2011

Fox News GOP Presidential Debate (FULL VIDEO 12-15-11)

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Anonymous said...

OMG, if I didn't have a terminal illness, I would be VERY afraid!!!

Anonymous said...

Blind liberalism isn't terminal...except possibly to the nation.

Anonymous said...

SUMMARY: Santorum accuses another country of theocracy (Really?!), Ron Paul kicks Michele in the teeth regarding Iran policy (I fought when there was a REAL WAR, warmongering, etc), and Newt dances when accused of taking taxpayer money via FreddyMac. Ron Paul says nah I don't tango, you worked for a government sponsored enterprise not a "free enterprise". Ding ding! Winners are Ron Paul for owning everyone that came at him other than Romney (who didn't attack him because of fear of retaliation; sad but smart), and Mitt Romney for subliminally attacking Obama at every corner essentially "self-proclaiming" the nomination already. Well played.