Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Chris Christie For Vice President (Or Condaleeza Rice)

I just finished watching Chris Christie on Morning Joe and it was 21 minutes of glorious TV. He is obviously putting himself in the mix for Mitt's running mate. I think that his most remarkable trait is his ability to push back against the media narrative (one that I sometimes find myself agreeing with) that the Obama administration wants to compromise and the Republicans just want the President to fail. Chris Christie, in a span of 21 minutes, convinced me that the media narrative is wrong. Christie is an intelligent and well spoken executive in a state where he has been forced to work with his opposition. He is precisely what the Republican Party needs. I hope that Mitt considers him.

If Mitt thinks that having another northeastern Republican on the ticket is too much, he might want to consider two other possibilities.

1. Condaleeza Rice. There has been speculation recently that Rice is itching to get back into politics. If you have never done so, you really need to read about the former Secretary of State. She is brilliant! She graduated from college at the age of 19 and had her Ph.D. by 26. She was a tenured professor at Stanford before she got called up to the big leagues in the Bush administration. Unlike Newt Gingrich, Rice really is a brainy intellectual. Plus, she offers foreign policy expertise where Romney would otherwise have to rely on outside help. The Republican Party needs a VP who doesn't think that the Department of State is a waste of money. Republicans used to be good at diplomacy. We need to relearn our former skills. Having Rice at the number two spot would greatly help.

2. Susanna Martinez. The governor of New Mexico will not likely give New Mexico to Mitt. However, she could represent a change in the Republican Party, one that is a bit more focused on including Latinos in the fold. Martinez has carried out a lot of good educational reforms in her state. If Mitt does look at her, he needs to make sure that we do not have a repeat of you know who. Martinez has only been governor for two years. If Mitt thinks she can stand on stage against Biden (or Clinton?), then she might be a good addition.

Ok, so have it. Who do you prefer?

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Terrye said...


Anonymous said...

No to Martinez for the inexperience reason. No to Condi for the pro-choice and not-so-hot FP record--even though I REALLY like and admire her as much as anyone in politics today.

A big fat yes to Christie. A yes to Jindal, and a yes to McDonnell. Romney did say he would choose someone who is qualified to lead, and that rules out quite a few high profile people people.


Anonymous said...

One correction, in 2 you say that Martinez is the governor of Mexico, better put a New in there.

I would prefer Daniels as VP, or Pawlenty. I would be sickened by Rice.


Anonymous said...

I would also love Judd Gregg.


newark hawk said...

Romney has given every indication that he will choose a running mate who has both private and public sector experience, such as Jim Demint or Ron Johnson. Condi Rice & Chris Christie don't have the private sector experience that Romney is looking for.

BOSMAN said...

"Romney has given every indication that he will choose a running mate who has both private and public sector experience, such as Jim Demint..."

DeMint has said on several occasions, he does not plan to run for re-election to the senate. It's also a commitment he made when he ran the first time (2 terms).

I wonder if he might have other plans?

Machtyn said...

While I have utter respect for Condi Rice, I'd have to put in a No. Unfortunately, she is Pro-Choice and that would not look good to motivating the far right base (we still need them, too).

Chris Christie has been just as adamant about not running for VP as he was running for Pres. I don't think he's going to get in.

BOSMAN said...

What would a DeMint "Favorite Son" entry in the SC Primary do to the 2012 race? Even a write-in one?

Anonymous said...

Of those three...Christie.

My preferences...Huckabee, DeMint, Palin. ( I know I know, Sarah would never do that again).


Anonymous said...

Rice's position on abortion is really no different than that of Cain's. And the issue really didn't blow up that dramatically for him. It might not be an issue for Rice either. This election is about Jobs - and since she has no real experience in the private sector that might not be the best choice. Having said all of that, there's still something intriguing to me about a Romney/Rice ticket.


Anonymous said...

christie, mcdonnell, rubio

no to demint because he lacks the guts to endorse mitt because he is afraid of facing the fury of the TP. Haley knew she was walking into the lion's den but she went with her heart and endorsed mitt.

Ben said...

I wish Romney was on better terms with Huckabee, because Huck would add a lot to a Romney ticket.

IMHO, Romney is going to need someone who is everything he is not, such as a southerner, hard core social conservative, minority (latino, black, woman), tea partier. I don't know who fits that bill yet, but that is who I am looking for. For those reasons I was starting to get excited about Nikki Haley, but then I heard her say she wouldn't take the VP post if offered. So maybe Jindal.

newark hawk said...

Although Demint has said that he probably won't endorse anyone in the GOP race, the SC primary is still 4 weeks away, so he still has time to change his mind. January 4th or 11th - immediately following a Romney win in Iowa or New Hampshire - would be excellent timing for a Demint endorsement of the former Massachusetts governor. Demint would then be on Mitt's short list for VP, perhaps at the very top of that list.