Monday, December 12, 2011

The Case For Mitt Romney - The Hill

From The Hill today, a pro Romney article by John Feehery, summarizes the case for Mitt Romney:

"A huge part of being president is being a good negotiator. Negotiating with Capitol Hill is only one part of the job. A good president must successfully negotiate with his vice president, his Cabinet, with the business community, with organized labor, with the Europeans, the Chinese and the Russians every day. A good negotiator gets good deals and is able to move the process along. A good negotiator understands the importance of making big statements on occasion but doesn’t go to the brink every single time. That gets exhausting. Romney has great experience as a negotiator, whether it was doing deals with Bain Capital, saving the Olympics or governing the Bay State. That experience should be a plus."

"The case for Mitt Romney is actually pretty strong. He has the temperament, the experience, the personal attributes and the philosophy to be an effective standard-bearer for the GOP. Now all he needs is the votes."

Full Article here:

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Doug...I needed to see something positive today...I'm losing any hope...I don't see how we win against an electorate that hates Romney to the point of making Newt the standard bearer of the much hate and emotional mistrust...and yet Newtgets they're full can we possibly win against this tide with no time and no help.

Thanks again Doug...I've been reading your posts since 07, when you were blogging on


Alan said...

I am not worried. Think of the polls as applause. Nothing matters until New Hampshire. Yes, I am ignoring Iowa, which is highly unreliable as an indicator of who wins the nomination. Romney is way ahead in NH, MI, and all of the western states. He has a great organization in Florida and other states. Newt's momentum is media induced and he has been leading for only about four weeks. He is disorganized and far behind in money. His baggage will not be ignored forever and his balloon will eventually and inevitably deflate. Romney will win, much to the consternation of the Democrats and the ABR crowd.

Doug NYC GOP said...


Thanks, but you have me confused with someone else. I didn't start blogging till sometime in 2009 at RightOsphere.

But stya positive, Romney will pull this out.

Anonymous said...

I made basically the same point on the Savage post above. Mitt has so much less baggage, and some real experience he can use to promote himself for President.

Newt's baggage will be a distraction, and the fact that he has diarrhea of the mouth doesn't help. I wish I didn't have to use that phrase, but I can't think of any that more aptly fits Newt Gingrich's communication skills.