Friday, December 16, 2011

Cartoon of the Day

Cartoon by Wuerking


TexasConservative said...

I posted this all in good fun as I know that the Romney supporters on this site view Non-Romney supporters as pouters/whiners.

BOSMAN said...


Well Horton, there isn't a damn thing you can do about it!

What will you do when you hear the words "President Mitt Romney" for 8 YEARS?

I guess it will be one of your crosses to bear.

Anonymous said...

Too funny...but true..ha ha ha.

TexasConservative said...


As I have stated many times, I will be happy to cast my vote for Romney in the general against Obama.

I just thought the cartoon would be appreciated by Romney supporters.

Lionhead said...

"An elephant never forgets."

Y'll have much hubris here.

Ohio JOE said...

Great cartoon TC!

marK said...


Thanks for posting this. Let's face it. There are a fair number of Republicans who are acting exactly like this.

I can take comfort from the fact that the paraphrase actually comes from "Green Eggs and Ham", and the person who was so adamant against "Green eggs and ham" eventually ended up liking them when he finally took the time to try them.

BOSMAN said...

No Problemo TC,

The Cartoon reflects a lot of the ABR crowd.

Come the general election, these folks will have 3 CHOICES:

1. Vote for Obama (Obama wins)
2. Vote for Romney (Romney and America wins)
3. STAY HOME (Obama wins)

I hope they all chose wisely.

Ohio JOE said...

"1. Vote for Obama (Obama wins)
2. Vote for Romney (Romney and America wins)
3. STAY HOME (Obama wins)

I hope they all chose wisely."

That assumes that there will be only two candidates. That is at odds with recent history.

Anonymous said...

Very true OJ...very true. Hopefully whatever stars need to align that need to align to get Obama out of office.


Anonymous said...

Shouldn't post while art a stop light...that didn't even make sense...hopefully you get my drift.


Ohio JOE said...

Not bad for being stopped at a stop Light Gordon. I would have went right through the stop light.

Anonymous said...

OJ...can you even imagine the battle Royale that would be taking place right now had Palin ran...we'd be looking at an unstoppable Palin nod and the Establishment would have really been torn...embrace the inevitable, or tear up the party even more so than we're doing now. I think that most in the GOP would have put they're faith in her gift and lived with the consequences. To be honest though, I would have been in the mindset that Palin would be hard pressed to win the General...but I would have done everything I could do to help her succeed. As a solid Rombot for years now, I'm both really happy and sad that she sat this one out. Although in the long run I think sitting out this cycle only makes her stronger...unless she ever participates in Dancing with the Stars.


Machtyn said...

Okay, let's follow that scenario...
1. Vote Obama (Obama wins)
2. Vote Romney (Romney and USA wins)
3. Stay home (Obama wins)
4. Vote third party (Obama wins)
5. Hillary decides to run because she knows she can easily beat Obama, and since there is a third party (presumably conservative), she does so. (Clinton wins)

I'm not liking the third party split the vote choice.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was funny, TC.

Noelle said...

It's a nice play on words, but Horton is an optimistic fellow. His personality does not match the content of this cartoon.

Ohio JOE said...

"2. Vote Romney (Romney and USA wins)" If the The Untied States win, this would be great. However, many of us need some convincing. If he governs from the Right, the country wins. If he does not promote capitalism, we do not win.

"I'm not liking the third party split the vote choice." Small third parties have always been a part of American history. It is up to the two major parties to convince the voters that two parties are still enough.