Friday, December 30, 2011

Can They Do That?

Maybe if the fence was 180 feet high...
But there are also sections of 18-foot fencing right in the middle of downtown Calexico, opposite its sprawling sister city of Mexicali, where border jumpers can be up and over the wall in a matter of seconds, melting into shops and residential streets once they land on the other side. 

At night, smugglers toss Hail Marys of pot-stuffed footballs and fling golf-ball-sized heroin nuggets over to waiting receivers. Stealthy ultra-light aircraft bomb the lettuce fields outside town with bundles of dope, then swoop back into Mexico, well below radar but high above the fence.
Those silly Washington Post reporters. They think that the United States government spends billions of American taxpayer dollars on a fence with the purpose of actually preventing illegal immigrants from crossing into the United States. What they don't realize is that the United States government actually spends billions of American taxpayer dollars on a fence so that some politicians can win accolades from Americans for "building a damn fence." It's about the optics, not the reality. Maybe one day we will all wake up an realize that a fence is a complete waste of hard-earned money, but I don't see that happening until we are all broke.  

The good news is that the current fence, you know the one where illegal immigrants effortlessly scale, will only cost us $6.5 billion over the next twenty years to maintain. Yes, I said maintain, not build. Only 1,320 more miles of fencing to go and we will have a fence on the entire border. And then we can start on the Canadian border as well. I am sure no illegal immigrant would ever think to fly to Canada and walk across the over 5,000 mile border there.

Sorry, I am starting to sound like the Wapo reporter. Those billions will be worth every back slap Steve King gets.

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