Friday, November 25, 2011

The Rush Limbaugh Formula

The future of conservatism depends on brave conservatives calling out Rush Limbaugh and the rest of talk radio. Here at Right Speak, there has been a strategic opening for people like me to blast talk radio. Many of you support Mitt Romney and are quite ready to make a clean break from these bozos on talk radio. So having said that, please watch the following video in order to understand the Rush Limbaugh formula.

The issue is Jimmy Fallon's use of the song "Lying Ass Bitch" when Michelle Bachmann came on his show. This is prime territory for Rush. It's not complicated public policy, so his audience may follow along. And the subject is flashy, something you might see on AOL news.

First, let me say that Rush had every right to blast Fallon. I agree with him there. What I don't agree with is Rush proceeding to call Hillary Clinton a "lying ass bitch." In this video, you will see the following formula.

1. Rush blasts the "liberal" media/establishment.
2. Rush commits the same offense that he is calling them out on.
3. Rush warns his audience that the media is going to attack him for it.
4. Rush then plays hypothetical games so he can later claim that number 2 was not really his statement or that he was just repeating what the "liberal" media said.

The above formula is designed to maximize Rush's audience. Limbaugh doesn't use his show to advance conservative principles and policy choices. Instead, he uses his show to create controversy with the hopes that the media will attack him, so that he can keep his audience engaged. As ignorant as Rush is, he is a very savvy businessman. He knows how to manipulate his audience so that he can sign multimillion dollar contracts.

(Caution: I apologize for the gaudy Rush Limbaugh slide show in the video. This came from Rush's website, so naturally it is going to feature the fat slob himself.)

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Terrye said...

I don't need to watch that video to know how Rush operates, I have heard him do this sort of thing too many times.

I have also caught him in lie or another too many times.

The reason he goes after people like Romney or Mitch Daniels..and now even that they are Governors who have worked with both parties in their states and who have enjoyed a certain amount of bipartisan support. Rush does not like that..Rush likes division. Rush likes controversy.

For instance..he made a crack once about how Americans were so shallow that they could not elect a woman like Hillary Clinton because they would have to watch her age and turn into a hag...but when he he was attacked for being a woman basher...he said he was not the shallow guy talking about how ugly women look when they get wrinkles and is our culture he was talking about.

What a moron. I can think of about a million reasons not to vote for Hillary Clinton, but her visibly aging is not one of them.

The man is a blowhard.

Anonymous said...

Pablo, you've pegged Rush. I totally agree with you.

Cue AJR to carry water for Rush by:

1. claiming that Romney will need Limbaugh et al if he wins the nomination

2. calling Pablo names

3. pointing out that we can't trust the LSM

4. not addressing any of the points that Pablo made

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Pablo, Terry and Dan, I agree. I also didn't need to listen to the clip to know that Pablo lays Rush bare.


Anonymous said...

I could point out that Pablo blasts Limbaugh for calling people names and then proceeds to call him a fat slob. I also assume that he insulted me as well considering that the comment after DanL was deleted. I recall that Pablo belittled and made fun of OJ in the past and deleted those comments as well. Don't know what he wrote about OJ because he quickly deleted it but he did apologize for it.


Anonymous said...

BTW....Pablo can call me any name he want and doesn't have to delete it. I'm a big boy and can handele it.


Pablo said...


Lol. You are probably going to want to delete your comment when you click on the title of the post and see that I didn't write the deleted comment. And, no, I don't want to call you names. I am sure you are a charming person.

Now, as to the actual post, tell me how my assessment of Rush is wrong.

Anonymous said...


I'm sorry that I bore you with my comments. I know that many of the Rombots here despise Limbaugh and his ilk because he/they have the nerve to question the great and glorious Romney (who I am supporting by the way). I just wanted to point out the obvious that Limbaugh would support Romney if/when he is the nominee and I really do not understand the vitriol directed by most of the people on this site toward Limbaugh, Fox News & Talk Radio. I just hope that if Romney is the nominee that you attack the Mainstream Media half as much as you do Limbaugh, Talk Radio & Fox News.

To make DanL happy (unless my boring comments have caused him to commit suicide by now), I will address Pablo's formula...of which points 1-3 are correct. Rush does blast the media in cases such as L.A.B. then he will do something "controversial" like calling Hillary Clinton the same thing that Bachmann was called. He does this to show how angry and upset the media and the left will get at him for calling Hillary a L.A.B. while ignoring what was said about Bachmann. The media did the same thing after the Tuscon shooting about Palin and "hate" on the right while completely ignoring the vile garbage that comes from the left. As for point four, I really don't know what Pablo is talking about. Limbaugh is not going to claim that he didn't call Hillary a L.A.B. because he did. He will point out that the media was more upset about what he said then what was done to Bachmann (which some in the media will probably agree with). I personally would not have called Hillary that, but I do understand Limbaugh's point.

I must add that Pablo rarely/if ever answers comments made by Jersey, RW and others. He just posts his items where he attacks and belittles the Tea Party, Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh/Talk Radio, Fox News & whatever else he feels superior to and rarely ever answers any challenges to his opinion.

I will admit that I am a little rough on Pablo but one of my pet peeves is people who think and act like they are better than others. Pablo does think his is smarter than the rest of us and it irks me. I guess it doesn't bother most of the people here since you all agree with him. I guess it is the Rombot Superiority Complex that many of you are afflicted with.

I hope I didn't put you to sleep DanL. I would hate to ruin the rest of your day and the remainder of your holiday weekend...which I hope you and everyone else here has a good one. And look...I didn't even call Pablo any names. Except he stinks....whoops, sorry about that. :)


Anonymous said...


Sorry about the delete comment then...I didn't click on the post. I just commented from the main page. I am not too familiar with blog posting (that is why I post anon). I assumed that when it said that the post was removed by the author that it meant the author of the blog post. Sorry about that.


Pablo said...


Are you suggesting that the Mainstream Media did not report the Fallon/Bachmann incident? I would posit that the reaction to the Fallon incident was much greater than Limbaugh's comment.

And, no, I don't think that I am better than you. I know nothing about you aside from the comments you make here. I am sure that you are very intelligent in many areas of life where I am not.

In the political realm, I have an opinion and my opinion is that Rush's brand of conservatism is built on an alternate reality. So I am going to continue to attack it. I care about the future of this country. And just as I would not take my run-down car to a mechanic who knows nothing about cars, I am not going to stand by and not respond to Rush, who knows nothing and cares nothing about the complexity of the outside world. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but everyone is not entitled to their own facts. Rush has driven the conservative movement into the dirt and we ought to stand up against him.

Pablo said...

No problem at all AJR. I have done much, much worse than that.

Pablo said...

Now before anybody says I am scared to respond to a comment, I declare that I am going to bed. I live on the other side of the world, where it is already late. I will address comments tomorrow.

Anonymous said...


Au contraire. I often enjoy your comments a great deal. I just get tired of your feud with Pablo. Thank you for taking the time to respond to Pablo's article. The deleted comment was by me. It was a duplicate of my first comment.


Terrye said...


My dislike for Rush is not just about Romney...I was disgusted with him when he was shilling Christine O'Donnell..I was even more disgusted with him when he deliberately took a comment Governor Mitch Daniels made out of context and in the process flat out lied about Daniels. It involved a trip to Indiana by the Secretary of Education Arne Duncan. Rush said they were simpatico on education because Daniels is a Rino and loves Obama and wants everyone else to get on Obama's bandwagon. In fact, in the course of the visit they had disagreed over many issues..but Daniels did give Secretary Duncan credit for supporting charter schools...Rush took that one sentence out of an entire article and in the process made a liar of himself. That is when he really lost my respect once and for all.

It is not just about some Rombot getting pissy with Rush for not supporting their candidate. Rush has a history as a mean spirited dishonest little man with a big microphone.

Ohio JOE said...

"I was disgusted with him when he was shilling Christine O'Donnell." No you were disgusted that he called out Mr. Castle and caught you with your pants down.

"Rush has a history as a mean spirited dishonest little man with a big microphone." Haha, yeah is is the only mean-spirited person in all of media.

Anonymous said...

Rush felt "safe" to call Romney a conservative the last time because he knew it was highly unlikly that Romney would win the GOP and then win the general.

Rush knew this time that he would not be "safe" talking positively about Mitt this time because of his excellent credentials and 2008 experience and the mess Obama has made of America. So, he "flipflopped" on his conservative opinion of Romney.

It is, as Pablo stated, about his "cycle" to keep a listening, adoring audience..........and to keep his own "coffers" full.

God Help America!