Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Romney camp acts as a Welcome Wagon to Rick Perry in California.

Rick Perry was in California Tuesday trying to fund raise and pump some new life into his campaign that seems to be stuck in reverse.

Mitt Romney decided to act as kind of a Welcome Wagon for Rick. Reminding Californians about some of their policies that they owe to the Texas Governor. After All, we should always give credit where credit is due.

Welcome to California Rick:

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Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.........Good ad. Can you tell I loath Perry?

Anonymous said...

Perry is toast.

larry said...

I agree that this is a great ad.

Simple and to the point.

GetReal said...

I think this might be a case of beating a dead horse, and negativity where none is needed, but on the other hand I see the point of the strategy. There's a debate next week, and it helps him when Perry attacks him in the debates, because Perry, enjoy it though he might, isn't very good at it.

Machtyn said...

The problem, as Romney found out 4 years ago, that dead horse may only be mostly dead. McCain came back and won the thing.

Perry still has ~$15 million warchest. Cain, for all of his self implosion, also has a sizeable and growing warchest.

Crystalf said...

ha .. funny thing is that I live in CA and I had no idea that Perry was coming. It wasn't on the radio, wasn't in the news .. I got no emails to "rally 'round the guy." The only way I found out was from this ad. oops .. if Perry wanted to just swoop in and grab some cash & get out without anyone noticing, it didn't work.