Saturday, November 26, 2011

Pull your pants up or get off the plane

Many of us will be traveling via airlines this holiday season. The thought of what to wear on a flight has never really been an issue for me other than wearing something comfortable. The problem is, what is comfortable is relative.

With terror groups doing there best to come up with ways to outsmart airport security methods, there is a possibility that airlines plan to put clarity as to what is proper attire. Some are considering instituting dress codes on flights:

From skirts too short, to pants too low, some passengers are learning the hard way that their wardrobe can keep them grounded.
Several high profile incidents have flyers rights groups calling on airlines to publish dress codes just as clearly as ticket fares and baggage restrictions.

People aren't mind readers,” says Kate Hanni, executive director of “They don't know what that flight attendant's going to want to see when you get on a plane!"

She argues the lack of consistency leaves passengers exposed to the judgments of the flight crew, who may take offense at clothing that wouldn't be considered indecent off the plane, but which leads to an argument and sometimes ends with the passenger getting kicked off.
Such an incident happened in San Francisco this past June, when a college football player’s low hung pants- and his refusal to pull them up- caused his controversial removal from the plane.

Most airlines agree that the people running the flight need to know passengers will do what they’re told.
Read the full story HERE.

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Anonymous said...

I have no problem with the airlines implementing a dress code.

larry said...

I've seen some pretty weirdly dressed people on planes over the years.

I think if it makes the security checks easier and more efficient, go for it.