Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New Bachmann Ad: 'Don't Settle'; Update

Bachmann's campaign has now entered a "scorched earth" level of desperation.

Update: In my view, it's all about book sales at this point. This coming Monday is the official release date. As of now, it occupies #56,696 on's best seller list.

Here's the cover. Look familiar? Hmmmm....

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BOSMAN said...

The SUBMISSIVE ONE obviously has had a MIGRAINE over the past month over her poll numbers or perhaps those FARM SUBSIDIES have stopped coming in?

She's going no where.

Anonymous said...

I don't support her but she is so much more prettier than Palin, smarter too.

marK said...


Both books have a picture of a pretty woman on the cover. They also both have writing on the front. Other than that, I really don't see that much similarity between the two.

You are right about the "scorched earth" phase, though, which is a shame. It is predictable, however.

Give her credit, however. Congressmen seldom do very well at the presidential level, and she has done better than most who have run. Her moment in the sun was winning the Ames straw poll. Unfortunately for her the world has moved on, and I really don't see it's coming back any time soon. She is now a footnote in history.

hamaca said...

She needs the book sales. I'm thinking she'll have quite a challenge getting re-elected to the House from MN, given her statements in Iowa.

MN residents would know better than I do, of course.

Right Wingnut said...


Same hairstyle...both in red.

I wouldn't call attention to it, if she hadn't spent the past 6 months trying to convince voters that she's a Palin clone.

Right Wingnut said...

Hamaca, Her district is VERY conservative, but she's managed to underperform in every election so far. It will be interesting. I'll still vote for her. I'm in her district.

Ohio JOE said...

"I don't support her but she is so much more prettier than Palin, smarter too." Now that is funny. Interesting post RW.