Monday, November 14, 2011

NBC/WSJ RE-Poll: Romney and Gingrich gain 5 points with re-polled voters

A week of turmoil in the race for the Republican presidential nomination has damaged Herman Cain and devastated Texas Gov. Rick Perry, all apparently to the benefit of former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, according to new polling numbers from the Wall Street Journal/NBC News survey.

The Journal/NBC News polling team late last week went back to re-interview Republican primary voters who had taken the Journal/NBC poll earlier this month. The results of 102 interviews, while not scientifically conclusive, are instructive.
GOP Nomination: (previous poll)

Mitt Romney 32% (27%)
Herman Cain 27% (28%)
Newt Gingrich 22% (17%)
Ron Paul 9% (10%)
Rick Perry 4% (8%)
Michele Bachmann 2% (4%)
Rick Santorum 2% (4%)
Jon Huntsman 1% (1%) 

Now, if you were voting today in the 2012 Republican primary for president, and the candidates were (ROTATE) Mitt Romney and Herman Cain, which one would you favor?

Mitt Romney 56% (47%)
Herman Cain 43% (51%)

How confident are you that [candidate) has the right set of personal characteristics to be president of the United States––extremely confident, quite confident, only somewhat confident, or not at all confident? (Extremely-Quite Confident/Somewhat-Not Confident)

Mitt Romney 50/49
Newt Gingrich 44/55
Herman Cain 40/60
Rick Perry 23/75

The full story is HERE.
The data can be viewed HERE.

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larry said...

Wow, I guess Cain and Perry really did take a hit in the last few weeks.

Ohio JOE said...

The margin of error on this poll is a little higher than most since only 102 people were polled.

Machtyn said...

OJ: Well sure. But I would hope any analytically thinking person would not project this result to anything more than about 10-12 people changed their mind over some time period and split their vote between Romney and Gingrich.

It is interesting to see how things flowed, though.