Saturday, November 12, 2011

Mitt Romney's no-nonsense business experience is EXACTLY what's needed in DC.

I was reading this article today in the Boston Herald that talked about how Romney was now primed to take on the President.

One of the points made was that Obama and the Democrats were planning to emphasize Romney's experience as someone who dismantled companies and/or sold off the pieces. I guess the idea here is that Romney was supposedly responsible for some folks losing their jobs. What I'm sure the ads won't point out is that some of these companies were going under anyway and that sometimes cutting away the waste saved jobs that would have been lost otherwise.

“It will be a huge battle, and I think it will be a scorched earth campaign on both sides,” said New Hampshire-based Republican consultant Mike Dennehy.

“Romney will push to turn it into a referendum on Obama’s mishandling of the economy, and Obama is going to make Romney out to be the rich, uncaring business guy,” Dennehy added.

Am I missing something? I look at this portion of the multitude of experience Romney has as some of what I ADMIRE MOST.

Recently in one of Romney's Town Hall meetings and for the life of me because he has done SO MANY, I can't remember which one, he talked about the birth of Staples. I remember him stating that they began in the back of an old King's Department store warehouse with all used furniture and equipment. I remember him saying something like, "Every investment dollar had to be spent wisely and be accounted for". If you don't do this, you don't stay in business.

It's obvious to me, that when it comes to business, the man lives for efficiency and getting the most out of each buck.

Now, lets look to a Romney Presidency and how those skills will transfer to policy. Just off the top of my head....eliminating agencies that are inefficient or in many cases duplicate services supplied by other agencies...

We all remember the jokes about contractors charging $40 for screw drivers and $5 apiece for bolts just as an example, How do you suppose waste like that would fare in a Romney administration?

No, Those skills Romney has are desperately needed in Washington. We need someone who can shrink the place...throw out the bad... keep the good, and not lose any sleep over it. Make it more efficient and accountable to it's investors...US TAX PAYERS!

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Anonymous said...

Well, vote for Romney if you like. Vote for this man of no principle but with a keen sense of the political wind. He sails his policy ship whichever way the wind blows.

No thanks. Not for me. We've had enough of politicians promising things, changing their minds, saying what is popular and then doing what the corporate elites tell them to do. No more.

Time to vote for a man of principle with a proven record of voting based on principle and with the courage to state boldly the truth - even when it is unpopular. Such a man is not Mitt Romney.

So vote Romney if you want four more years of a President violating his oath of office to uphold the Constitution. Vote for Romney if you want endless wars, new wars, massive debt and the giving of your money to corporations who buy political favor - at the expense of small businesses and individuals everywhere.

Vote for four more years of being a slave if you want to. Not for me. Never again. I will live free or die. I will vote for good and not the lessor of evils.

I will vote for Ron Paul, for liberty or death. I will not surrender. I will never give in.

You? Be a slave of the elite corporate masters, the military-industrial complex that sacrifices young lives in endless wars for profit. Yes, vote Romney for that.

Or vote Ron Paul for truth, liberty, respect for the Constitution, freedom, life and true justice.

Chris said...

You are absolutely correct.

We need someone to go to Washington an streamline the place. If Romney only made the Govt more efficient, that would solve half our problems.

Anonymous said...

#1. Exactly right, go with a man that has never actually accomplished anything. Voting isn't doing. Might as well vote "present".

And with that, you've entirely missed the point of this whole article. I notice that sort of myopia with many Paul supporters...

Doc said...

"I notice that sort of myopia with many Paul supporters..."

It's dead brain cells.

Revolution 2012 said...

I agree Bos.

The next President is going to have to shrink the government and pull in the spending.

Romney's background is perfect. Making the tough decisions is part of being a successful businessman.

Anonymous said...


Julia / Idaho said...

Anonymous, if you are so proud to support PAUL, why are you anonymous? I am Julia Melchin and I am PROUD to support MITT ROMNEY.

I wouldn't doubt if the supposed Ron Paul supporter is actually someone from the Obama side doing their best to divide us. They are praying for conservatives to divide! We can all find common ground with ROMNEY. Those on the fence -- if you remain on the fence you will only get slivers. Slivers in to form of anyone else besides Romney. Romney is the only one that can and will beat OBAMA! WE MUST UNITE. It is the last thing the DEMS want! UNITED, WE STAND. DIVIDED, OBAMA WINS AND AMERICA FALLS! ROMNEY 2012!!!!

Anonymous said...

Of course, vote Romney - but which Romney?

The Romney who is pro-life - or the Romney who is pro-abortion for every woman who wants it?

The Romney who is for mandates - or the Romney who is against mandates?

The Romney who changes his positions all the time - or the Romney who is consistent, principled -- oh, sorry, there is no such Romney. My mistake.

So confusing!! But I'm sure you have it all figured out and now trust that what he says now is what he will do in office. His record stands.

Trust him. He would never change his mind.

Terrye said...


What has Ron Paul accomplished? Name one piece of legislation he has been responsible for? He has been in government for decades. He has taken home hundreds of millions of dollars in pork to his district in an effort to buy votes. He is known far and wide as a loon.

And a few years ago it came to light that his newsletter had homophobic, anti semitic and racist content..Needless to say his cult followers gave him a pass. If any other candidate had been associated with something like that it would have been the end of him or her.

But Paul's people do not tend to be rational..that is why they actually think Ron Paul has principle...snort. What a hoot.

Terrye said...

Notice the propaganda in Anonymous's post...the references to the military industrial complex and the elite corporate masters...sounds like a commie to me...that is one thing I have noticed about Ron Paul and his cult..they have gone so far right that they ended up left.

Terrye said...

As far as which Romney...the man is not a machine or a fanatic. My attitudes to certain things have changed over the years. I am not surprised when other people do the same simple minded people or fanatics rarely ever change.

Anonymous said...

"What has Ron Paul accomplished?"

He has introduced many pieces of legislation that would preserve and guarantee your personal freedoms, prevent the financial meltdown of the US and prevent thousands of young American lives from being lost in useless wars that benefit no-one except the few elite corporations that buy the politicians like Romney who pass and preserve the status quo.

There are 454 members of Congress. If you want good laws, then replace the corporate puppets who prevent those laws from being passed. That is your job. Ron Paul is doing his.

Suffering financially at the moment? Lost your house? Your job? Thank yourself for voting for more pleasant words from politicians like Clinton, Bush 1, Bush 2, Obama and soon you will vote for another plastic man, Romney.

Ron Paul in the Pork Barrel? Sorry, try the truth. Look at his record. He has voted against every piece of legislation that would raise your taxes or promote the agendas of special interests.

Romney? Combed his hair and checked the direction of the wind. Always went with the wind - even when it blew your house down. But he and his crony friends are sitting pretty. How about you?

Your defense of Romney, by the way, has no rational basis. Upset? You sure are. So you call a man of principle names like "loon" - and that is all you have. Grow up, become an adult. You can shout insults at 8 year olds when you are one. Adults have reasons for their positions. Pissed off children use insults.

But go ahead, be a kid and call people names. That sure will help your country in its hour of need.