Friday, November 18, 2011

Mitt Romney's gift to the Deval Patrick Administration

The Boston Globe decided to rehash and old story on Mitt Romney and titled it, "Romney staffers wiped out records in ’06". The major news media outlets picked this up and were talking about it as if it was some kind of big news story. Even Fox News Shepard Smith's intro to the story left viewers with the impression that they were about to hear something big. When Smith asked Carl Cameron about it, it was like Carl's nap was being interrupted. On a scale of 1-10, I got a sense that by the end of the segment, Smith and Cameron both gave this story a minus one. This is an old story that's been around awhile.

As a lifelong resident of Massachusetts and non-fan of the Boston Globe, I had a good chuckle again while reading this. Romney of course broke no laws and had a Democratic administration coming in. The story failed to mention until the very end, the real punchline:

While Patrick aides said they do not have any electronic records of Romney administration e-mails, Galvin said there are 700 to 800 boxes of paper records from the Romney era at the state archives in Boston.

Which brings me to this story that I had previously posted back in May, that I will post again now. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face. ENJOY!


Mitt Romney: You gotta luv em!

When I read the following article on the Huffington Post, I started to laugh so hard I got a cramp in my side.

It seems that some LIB-TARD investigators are upset because they've spent the last few years looking through Romney's 700 CUBIC FEET of documents from his time as Governor looking for DIRT to no avail.
In January 2007, as the onetime Massachusetts governor was leaving office -- and preparing for his first presidential run -- he and his staff were required by law to transfer much of their work product to state archives. Romney's administration responded by handing over materials measuring approximately 700 cubic feet. The boxes covered everything in his four-year term -- from legislative documents to legal counseling to travel records. 
.......If one wants to search out all of Romney's emails on, say, health care reform, good luck finding anything. Not every document was necessarily put in order, nor even labeled. 
"The internal organization varies," says Michael Comeau, assistant state archivist. "We kind of take what they give us." 
"There's no discreet series of emails," he adds. "We didn't take any electronic or digital files." Romney's emails were printed out and stuffed into cartons. 
One reporter referred to the 700 boxes of documents this way:
"It's enormous and a lot of it's crap,” the reporter says, referring to the boxes of Romney documents. "You just have to figure out how much time [you want to spend]. My experience is, they were pretty careful about what they left behind. You're welcome to it. It's a ton of shit." 
Of course Romney's Spokeswoman Andrea Saul had the perfect response to this situation:
They didn't get any complaints four years ago regarding the state of the archives, and that the Massachusetts Republican deserves credit for choosing over-disclosure instead of hyper-secrecy. 
Just the image of reporters and Deval Patrick hacks going through these boxes.....ROFLMAO!

Read the full story HERE.

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Machtyn said...

Thank you Bosman. I had forgotten where the original story was found and wanted to link it over at MRC chat. (There was some discussion about the story.)

So much of a non-story. But it may be enough for all of the "Mitt took a sentence out of his book!" types.

Anonymous said...

What a great story.


larry said...

What a non-issue.

If anything, it was a ballsy move by Romney.

If this is the only crap the liberals can dig up on him, they should stop looking and wasting their time.

I think I just heard Mitt's poll numbers go up.