Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mitt Romney: "Sometimes I just don't think that President Obama understands America"

Employees of Colite International in Columbia, S.C.

Mitt Romney while campaigning today in Columbia, South Carolina, criticized President Obama for saying that the U.S. had gotten a little bit lazy in trying to attract business investments.

Here is President Obama's statement at the annual Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meetings. The United States is hosting this year’s gathering in Hawaii:

Governor Romney had this to say:
"First, sometimes I just don't think that President Obama understands America," Romney said. "Now, I say that because this week, or was it last week, he said that Americans are lazy. I don't think that describes Americans."

Obama's campaign spokesman said Romney's got it wrong and that the president was trying to encourage business leaders to create jobs.

Romney also rapped the president for saying the U.S. had lost its inventiveness and ambition, citing a speech where Obama talked about lost ingenuity.
Romney said Obama thinks the country isn't working hard enough.

"I don't think he gets what's happening in this country," Romney said.


"I'm convinced that America is not lazy - is not soft; has not lost its ambition or its inventiveness," Romney said. But "they're being held down today by a government that is too big, that thinks it knows more than it does and that needs to be replaced by a people who fundamentally believe in American principles and the American future."

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Anonymous said...

Obama has no clue.

larry said...

This is just another example of Obama trying to fan the flames with those occupy dopes making business the villains in all America's woes.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it strange how there's virtually no outcry against Obama and his perpetual vacations and golf outings yet Bush got crucified for golfing 25% as much as Obama.

Then again, when I think about it it's not that strange at all. Perfect example of media bias.

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President Obama should probably focus more on attracting business investments. It would greatly supplement his main campaign to alleviate the economic crisis.