Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Mitt Romney at fundraiser in Chicago (October 27, 2011 VIDEO)

Thursday night saw dueling presidential fundraisers in Barack Obama's hometown.
For Democrats, investment icon Warren Buffett was in town raising money for President Obama. On the Republican side, presidential candidate Mitt Romney attended two fundraisers Thursday night. Both were sold out, raising more than a half-million dollars.

Asked Thursday night for his thoughts on a new CNN poll pegging him as the frontrunner in four key states, Romney said it was "better than the alternative".
"I think it says something when you've got the candidate for President of the United States, coming to the home state of the current president and sells out," said Illinois Treasurer Dan Rutherford, also Romney's Illinois State Campaign Chair.

At the first event in River North, Romney took the stage and addressed more than 300 supporters.
The full story is HERE.

Here is an amateur video of Romney's speech at the Tree Studios.

This event was hosted by Susan Crown and her husband William Kunkler. To attend they event, it would have cost $25.000.00-a-person. And no, the comma is not in the wrong spot.

If the video movement of the camera makes you dizzy, just close your eyes and take in the speech. Enjoy!

BTW, just think of all the money you saved:

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Anonymous said...

Funny the quote says that romney sells out... I had to think about that for a second

Anonymous said...

Funny the quote says that romney sells out... I had to think about that for a second

larry said...

That's a nice haul for a few hours.

Revolution 2012 said...

Another good outing for Mitt.

It's hard to believe though that everyone in the audience of the video paid $25,000.

My guess is there was a separate reception with photo-ops, etc.

BOSMAN said...

You may be right Rev.

If you look at all the folks in this video and attach $25,000 a pop, you'd get a heck of a lot more than %500,000.

Noelle said...

There is a fund-raiser here in Kentucky in a couple of weeks. I looked into it. Those who pay $2,500 per individual or $5,000 per couple (kind of redundant, but that's how they put it) get their picture taken with Romney at a "VIP photo reception." Those who give $1,000 or $2,000 per couple can attend the general reception. That' probably the modus operandi in these fund raisers.

Machtyn said...

My question is (and I doubt it will be answered) how do they pay $25,000 when the max donation is $2,500?