Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mitt is just too old fashioned

H/T Carlos

So what's the big deal with Herman Cain? So now there's a woman he has supposedly had a relationship with for the past umteen years. And there's phone records leading to him.

All this tells me is that Herman has probably found a way to come into favor once again with the Anybody but Romney crowd (ABR).

Sure, it's not as complicated as cheating on 2 wives and marrying your mistress, but then again, no one is perfect. Then there's Mitt, married to the same woman for 40+ years. He needs to get with the program if he wants the ABR to take a second look.

Maybe he can get on some reality show? Or even better, Dancing With the stars.

Nah...he's too old fashion....no fun. And what's worse, he doesn't reflect their current values.

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Anonymous said...

I love it.

Slick-Willy said...

Would it be off limits for Mitt, in response to Gingritch's recent suggestion that Mitt's position shifts have been unprincipled, take a shot at Newt's unprincipled personal life as a side note to pointing out Newt's hypocrisy and multiple position shifts?

BOSMAN said...


Gingrich already took the 1st punch with that Meet the Press clip that took PART OF a Mitt Romney statement that misrepresented what he said.

As far as I'm concerned, EVERYTHING is on the table now.

When there is no chance of any of the other 6 to rise to the top tier, Romney will take the gloves off and go for Gingrich's jugular.

Vengeance is sweet.

Anonymous said...

It starts tomorrow with 3 big announcements in the morning in Florida.

Mitt knows something that we don't in Iowa and time will tell us.

But FL is the key because even having 1/2 of their delegates stripped they are a winner take all state.

Anonymous said...

Outrageous, yet so true.

Anonymous said...


This was sooo funny but sooo true. I think Romney's PR team should run funny self-deprecating ads mocking how stable and drama free Romney's life is....A few weeks back Saturday night live ran a skit to that affect regarding Romney and it was really funny in a positive way.

Anonymous said...

If Gingrich is the nominee Dems could easily fabricate stories of affairs like Cain regardless if true or not. Newt would not have enough $ to fight it off. After all he has record of affairs already and that makes it credible.

Anonymous said...

Too. Mitt is too old fashioned.

Teemu said...

Maybe he could start to use rhetoric like this a la Gingrich.

“What if [Obama] is so outside our comprehension, that only if you understand Kenyan, anti-colonial behavior, can you begin to piece together [his actions]. That is the most accurate, predictive model for his behavior.”

Then it's fine to flip flop as much as you want, and be as immoral as you want.

Terrye said...

So Gingrich...the man who would lock his own mother in a closet to die a slow death if there was camera time and big pay check in it for him...is actually using the word "unprincipled" to go after Romney.

I sent an email to Rich Lowry and told him that if Obama wins a second term, he and other members of the conservative media should get a thank you note from the man for all the help and aid they have given him during this primary season. He could not have done it without them.

Anonymous said...

Teemu, thanks for another reminder of the nonsensical Newt. I forgot about that quote.


Anonymous said...

Bosman, that picture is very disturbing. But you need to come up with one that properly reflects Newt. I know you can do it!


Anonymous said...

This is very funny! I wonder if running ads about how boring and drama free Romney's life has been would be effective?

People keep saying he's too much like a boy scout. Then they say they don't trust him. Is it so impossible to believe that people live decent lives? One article that I read about Romney told a story about a guy who was making an ad for Romney asking Romney to sit in his garage for about half an hour while he made set adjustments because it was too hot to wait outside. When the guy came back, Romney was organizing and cleaning up his garage. There are a lot of stories coming out like this, so it seems likely to be true. Isn't this a good thing and not a negative? I think "Boy Scout" is infinitely preferable to "serial adulterer."