Tuesday, November 22, 2011

LIVE FEED TODAY: CNN GOP Presidential Debate (November 22, 8PM EST)


If you missed the debate, you can watch the video HERE. Enjoy!


The Heritage Foundation will co-host a Republican presidential debate on foreign policy and national security next month with the American Enterprise Institute and CNN. This is the first, and perhaps only, debate to focus exclusively on these issues. The debate is scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 22, at 8:00 p.m.EST from Washington, D.C.:

Candidates will debate topics including:
  • How to “provide for the common defense” as called for in the Constitution;
  • American’s engagement in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and now even Uganda, and the candidates’ plans to keep our military prepared for future threats;
  • The growing global economy and our fiscal security as affected by events in Europe, Asia and elsewhere;
  • Free trade expansion and building relationships with free economies in Latin America and Asia; and
  • The Obama Doctrine that favors international agencies over U.S. sovereignty and apologizes for American exceptionalism rather than embracing it.

NOTE: This feed may be choppy, depending on your internet connection and/or computer. The audio will be fine, but the video may seem slow. If this is a problem, there are plenty of viewing options in OPTION 2:


Press one of the feed buttons under the photo below. Hopefully one or more will work and stream the debate. A pop-up should open with the feed(s). You may need to choose the debate channel if it does not appear automatically, scroll down and/or across to view the debate in the pop-up window.


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larry said...

Thanks Bos, I'm looking forward to this tonight.

I'm expecting Gingrich to go after Romney. He's already beginning to fade.

Revolution 2012 said...

Larry I think you are right.

I think Gingrich might try and go after Mitt.

I can think of about 1000 things Mitt could say to Gingrich to shut him up and put him in his place.

I'm sure Romney knows them all as well.

Terrye said...

Gingrich came out for amnesty and CNN sucked up to him..Of course they want Romney to fade because they know that it will be a lot easier to beat Gingrich in a general election than it will be to beat Romney...and what is really galling, is that there will be Republicans out there helping them do this.

Now, when the real election begins the media will go after Gingrich..if he wins. I just hope that won't happen.