Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Gingrich Says He’s ‘Conservative Alternative’ to Romney

Gingrich discussed the GOP nomination race yesterday with Sean Hannity. He spent several minutes expanding on illegal immigration/border security. If he articulates his positions on the issue this well, he will be hard for his opponents to pin down.


Anonymous said...

You're just here to try and get Newt the nomination, because you know he'll lose in the general. You're just hooping Palin can get in for 2016. That's your only purpose here. It's no longer about Mitt or Newt. It's about you.

Terrye said...

What a lying hypocrite this man is. He is not a conservative..he is not anything but an amoral self serving narcissist who has taken every side of every issue for so long that no one can even know what he really believes, including him.

I mean come on, this is the man who did a national tour with Al Sharpton.

Obama will eat him up if he gets the nomination..

Anonymous said...

NEWT is hardly a conservative. I mean if you look at his record, they are more of a reflection to Obama's big government agenda.

Noelle said...

Nothing says "I'm a conservative" like cheating on your wives.

Terrye said...

Noelle, and making lots of money off of government and government programs.

Anonymous said...

The Republicans are just trying to prove that they don't really care about family values--a serial wife cheater is acceptable as long as he's not--GASP!!--Mitt Romney. Can you imagine what the conservative media would be saying about Romney if he had treated his family like Giuliani or Newt