Monday, November 14, 2011

A Democratic Ode to Mitt Romney:

By looking at what the Democrats are saying, it's hard to misconstrue their obsession with Governor Romney:
  • As illustrated by the word cloud below, the Democrats referenced Mitt Romney in 24 of the 31 posts on their debate watch commentary website. No other GOP candidate was mentioned by name.
DNC Debate Watch
DNC Debate Watch
  • Ben LaBolt, Press Secretary for Obama for America, references Mitt Romney in 24 of his last 28 tweets on Twitter.
@BenLabolt Twitter Feed
  • Over the last 10 days, DNC Press Secretary Melanie Roussell has made mention of Mitt Romney over 50 times.
  • In the last 10 days, over half of all blog posts at mention Mitt Romney.
  • In recent weeks, the DNC has released 26 attack videos on their YouTube channels. Unsurprisingly, all 26 videos have only one target — Mitt Romney.

It’s easy to see why Mitt is on their mind. With Governor Romney's record of creating jobs and turning around businesses in the private sector, saving the 2002 Winter Games, and balancing the Massachusetts budget every year as governor, can you blame them? Democrats realize that Mitt Romney is the only Republican who can defeat President Obama in 2012.

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larry said...

When you look at all the poll data on Romney, especially vs Obama, you can understand why.

Anonymous said...

But Bosman, Rush says the Democrats WANT Romney. Something doesn't compute. LOL

I remember that in 07-08, Romney was the main target of the DNC, as well.


Anonymous said...

it depend on the fact Mitt is Mormon, maybe, and they are to attack him for his Faith all along the elections : if a Republican did the same with ANY democrat, he would be sent to Guantanamo soon, very soon .....................