Thursday, November 10, 2011

Clemson University Poll: Romney on top in South Carolina

GOP Nomination:

Mitt Romney 22%
Herman Cain 20%
Newt Gingrich 10%
Rick Perry 9%
Ron Paul 4%
Michele Bachmann 3%
Jon Huntsman 1%
Rick Santorum 1%
Undecided 31%
A survey of 600 likely South Carolina primary voters was conducted October 27-November 7. The MOE is +/-4.5%.
The full story is HERE.

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Paul said...

Thanks, Bosman. Great news for Gov Romney. It seems that SC really is an establishment bellwether rather than a regional reflector, regarding the GOP promaries. I think endorsements for Romney are not far off in the future from Gov Haley, and eventually from Senator DeMint (I'm pulling for your prediction on the latter).

Anonymous said...

Good news for the Romney camp!