Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cartoon of the Day

By Steve Kelley

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe any ofthem would make a good president

Ohio JOE said...

Perhaps the reason Mr. Cain cannot remember the last time he harassed a woman is because he did not do it. In fairness maybe we should ask Mr. Romney when was the last time he beat his wife. Let's stick to policy instead of getting mixed up with false accusations.

Machtyn said...
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Machtyn said...

I agree, OJ. Skelley should have waited a day to publish so that he could change the quote bubble to "I can't remember what I said about Iran."

But still, the quote bubble is correct. It states, "I can't remember the women who say I harassed them..."

It does not state, "I can't remember the women I harassed..."

Sadly, that kind of misinterpretational mistake is the same mistake that people make when reading quotations by Romney and accuse him of "flip-flopping".

Ohio JOE said...

"It does not state, "I can't remember the women I harassed..."" That is what it is trying to imply.

Anonymous said...

Let's see. Lots of different versions of Cain's story. First, he could not remember who made the allegations. Then he did remember, but he didn't know what the allegations were.

Oh, and then he remembered that it was something he said about his wife's height.

Sorry, OJ. Cain is not credible in the way he tried to defend against the allegations. And it's quite impossible for me to believe the woman got $40,000 because Cain said she was the same height as his wife.

I will give you that Bailek is not a credible person.


Crystalf said...

Right Machtyn .. or you could add to the bubble ".. or which country is Libya." Seems with Mr. Cain's shallow awareness / knowledge of foreign policy & affairs, you don't even have to touch those of a more personal nature. Cain is ripe for the picking .. and his vetting has only just begun.

Ohio JOE said...

"And it's quite impossible for me to believe the woman got $40,000 because Cain said she was the same height as his wife." Companies pay that kind of money all the time just to avoid legal fee.

ellie said...

Unless they don't have a case, OJ, then they are simply shown the door.

Anonymous said...

Here is where I have to disagree with Martha and Ellie. Businesses will pay people just to not have to pay all the legal fees just to find out if their case is legitimate. My husband is an engineer, and while a different type of legal problem, companies routinely do things and pay for things they shouldn't have to just to avoid court.


P.S. I agree that Cain has had enough "brain farts" on policy issues that the sexual harrassment did not need to be mentioned in the cartoon.