Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bret Baier: Romney complained that my questions were "uncalled for"

Fox News' Bret Baier discussed his contentious interview with Mitt Romney on the O'Reilly Factor tonight. Needless to say, Baier was a bit surprised at Mitt's objections to some fairly standard questions.

Politico reports:
"I think Gov. Romney didn't like the way the interview went," Baier said, adding that Romney told him he thought it was "overly aggressive" at points during their "walk-and-talk" after the interview, and that Romney emerged from his holding area to stress the point later.

Baier said Romney told him some of the questions were "uncalled for."

This isn't the first time Romney has blown his stack following an interview. The following video is of an argument Mitt had with Jan Mickelson following an interview on his radio talk show on Aug 2, 2007 on WHO Radio in Des Moines, Iowa. Romney asserts that he was on hidden camera.


Anonymous said...

How did I know who was going to post this? Next.............

Anonymous said...

I remember that 2nd video very well, and I dont see what your point is. The radio guy was wrong, Mitt would probably know more about mormonism than he would, he clearly was trying to get mitt to somehow say he is taking a different stance on abortion than his church was taking.Romney knew it and he tod him, romney did not get overly upset or lost it, it was a normal reaction to someone who clearly was "trying" to get him.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he should interview harry reid.

Anonymous said...

Bair knows he should never ask a question if he does not know the answer. Mitt has answered that question time and time again. Sorry Wingnuts. Advantage: Mitt.

Anonymous said...

Hee hee. Blew his stack. Huh RW?

Which is it folks. Is Romney cold, emotionless, stiff as a board, or is he an out of control temper?

Some of you people are tough to please. Ha ha ha.

RW, I feel for you, man. You have to scrap for the smallest morsels.


Anonymous said...

I watched the interview. To say that Romney blew his stack is just beyond silly. You're telling me not to believe my own eyes.

Baier was totally off base, and I'm glad Romney told him so. He has not gone after anyone else the way he accused Romney. For him to say later that he was just trying to give Romney a chance to answer is a flat out lie. We'll see if he goes after Newt like this, but I won't hold my breath.

Romney should not go on FOX for a very long time. Let them stew about it for a while.


Noelle said...

I don't think it was Romney's best interview, but I also thought Bret Baier did not do a very good job. Pretty much every single question was antagonistic. I don't mind a few antagonistic and challenging questions. The candidates should be challenged. But I also think that the interview should allow the candidate to say who they are, what they believe, what their priorities are. By all means, challenge them, but don't create an antagonistic environment.

While it wasn't Romney's best interview, I thought that it was overall a positive.

Anonymous said...

Only desperate hermits like RW would take this and somehow say mitt blew his stack. lol

Anonymous said...

No. This is not the Sarah Palin interview by Katie Couric. That's where Palin--all by herself--doomed her political career.

It has nothing to do with Romney strategist, or associates, or other excuses for Palin's shortcomings.

This is your obsession with anti-Romney stories. It's all Romney's fault Palin was portrayed the way she was by the media. But instead of blaming the media or Katie Couric, or Palin's shortcomings doing interviews, you think the blame is solely on Romney's shoulders.

RW, You're an irrational, obsessive, resentful brute.

Anonymous said...

Newt calls out fox news over gotcha questions and he's a damn hero, Mitt does the same and "he cant handle tough questions".

you guys are morons.

Dick said...

Hey RW,

When the O'Reilly & Dick Morris video from O'reilly's show tonight becomes available, will you post it?

Graham said...

I'm gonna have to go with Krauthammer's assessment of the interview, versus all the other nitwits claiming that it sucked.

Rom for the nom.

Right Wingnut said...



Doug NYC GOP said...

"Blow his Stack"

Yeah, like the way you blow yours, spewing profanity when faced with Palin truths like her not knowing diddly about Paul Revere's ride, making the pathetic Blood Libel video and countless other examples of her inadequacy.

A couple of others have said it better than I = grasping and desperate.

Now here is a more balanced assessment, from a non-Romney site.

BTW, does the candidate in the video look like a peevish, bad temered fellow?

Doug NYC GOP said...


Hardly the damning video btw. O'Reilly set Bair straight and gave Romney some good advice.

This will be over in a few hours, so you'll have to create some other drama to get your jollies.

Ohio JOE said...

Mt own local radio host and hostess were quite disappointed in Mr. Romney. It is this kind of arrogance and sense of entitlement that is the source of many of his problem.

Anonymous said...

OJ, I've never once seen Romney imply that he is entitled to anything, that is simply false. I also do not believe Romney comes off as arrogant in the least. I think it's a common assumption, simply because he has been so successful in life, but the assumption doesn't have any basis.

In fact, Romney has gone out of his way to be just the opposite of arrogant or entitled. As the frontrunner for many months, he's done a very good job of remaining humble--always saying things like "if I'm lucky enough to be chosen" etc.

Disagree with Romney if you must, but let's keep the conservative honest.


Ohio JOE said...

Martha, If Mrs. Palin would have carried on like that, you'd say that she does not get to decide which questions to ask.