Thursday, October 27, 2011

WSJ responds to the Democrat's Anti-Romney ad

The Democrats put out an anti-Romney ad using a snippet from an interview Romney gave in Nevada .

In my opinion, Romney was spot-on when he said that the government needs to stay out of the foreclosure business by not interfering and artificially trying to halt the inevitable. Let the free market run it's course and the market itself will correct and solve the housing woes. Government interference in the long run and in simple terms, is only putting it's finger in the dike.

Here is the Democrat's ad:

Here is the WSJ explaining in it's SNARKY WAY, why Romney is correct::

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Anonymous said...

I think the second link is wrong. It covers the student loan craziness (though very interesting).

Katrina L. Lantz said...

Yeah, that second video talks very briefly about the housing bubble at around 5:00, but after that it's just more about student loans. No mention of Mitt Romney or even the idea that foreclosure is a natural course to keep housing commodities fluid.