Saturday, October 1, 2011

Rick Perry, Governor of the worse state when it comes to those with Health Insurance, criticises Romney

I'm going to be GREATLY disappointed with The Romney Campaign if the following statistics are not put in an ad to shut Perry up on this issue, once and for All:

Here are some JAW DROPPING statistics that the media never seems to bring up when Perry talks about Romneycare:

State with share of residents THAT HAVE health insurance:

Massachusetts 1st
Texas 50th

State with share of children THAT HAVE health insurance:

Massachusetts 1st
Texas 50th

Oh, I almost forgot, Perry did have hopes of a kind of health care initiative in Texas. He was for, Bi-National Health Insurance With Mexico. Kind of goes arm and arm with his Texas version of the Dream Act.

Let's shut this bum up and show him up as the hypocrite that he is.He is absolutely the last person on earth, that has a right to criticize a STATE ONLY plan that addressed the needs of Massachusetts citizens ESPECIALLY in light of Texas own problems in that area. FOX NEWS,

Why aren't you talking about this?

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Anonymous said...

I agree.
The should definitely use this data in a response ad to Perry.

larry said...

Perhaps the Romney team is saving this info as a back-up and will use it another time?

Why they would they would do this, I haven't a clue

Anonymous said...

Perry can't speak without his notes... which other politician does he remind you of?

Concerned Patriot said...

Nice list, but I wouldn't put per pupil education spending up there. Private schools typically do a better job with about half the spending so the fact that Texas doesn't spend a lot doesn't bother me. The effectiveness is what bothers me. Perry isn't going to win now though. I think enough people see through his nonsense now after last debate. With more debates coming up he won't be able to stand up to people who can actually answer questions.

Massachusetts Conservative said...

Bosman, in conjunction with those data points, I would also make it clear that MA has a much lower unemployment rate than Texas.

Texas: 8.5%
MA: 7.6

Jeff said...

I assume you've forwarded that chart on to the Romney campaign.

I feel like they're waiting to leak his negatives over time as opposed to throwing them all out at once. That way, he can't have a stellar debate performance (if that were to actually happen), because there would always be some revealing of hidden truths that no one knew about. Like this chart for example. That way, he'll just slowly fade away in the polls until he's completely irrelevant.

Terrye said...

Maybe they have not made an issue of this because those primary voters are not really interested in this information. Many of them could care less that Texas comes in 50 on health insurance coverage...they only care about Romneycare. They hate it.