Sunday, October 23, 2011

MONEY: Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, and Barack Obama

The Texas governor took in a glut of cash when he entered the 2012 race as a top presidential prospect. A month later, he couldn't keep it up.


As Perry arrives on Friday in Washington for a private meeting with K Street insiders, the question is whether he can convince the smart money that his campaign is worth an investment. After three torrid weeks in August when he raised more than twice as much as his nearest fundraising rival, Perry has now fallen back into a much more competitive fundraising race with Mitt Romney. That is not good news for a candidate who, because of his late entry into the race, has a lot of catching up to do. Romney has raised $32 million since the beginning of this campaign cycle.
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In USA Today it was pointed out, that Mitt Romney is leading in the SuperPACS fundraising:
No presidential candidate has more SuperPAC donors in their contributor ranks than Romney. Overall, 208 of these presidential megadonors have pumped more than $29 million into outside groups that have each raised at least $100,000 since Jan. 1, 2010. Candidates filed reports last weekend with the Federal Election Commission.

The Top Ten SuperPacs: (PAC supports)

American Crossroads (Mitt Romney) $13,705,400
Restore Our Future (Mitt Romney) $6,692,700
Priorities USA Action (Barack Obama) $2,625,000
Women Vote! (Barack Obama) $1,172,900
America's Families First Action Fund (Barack Obama) $1,000,000
Club for Growth Action (Jon Huntsman) $514,550
American Bridge 21st Century (Barack Obama) $480,000
Commonsense Ten (Barack Obama) $455,000
Majority PAC (Barack Obama) $420,000
New Prosperity Foundation (Jon Huntsman) $360,000

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Anonymous said...

It's baffling to me that so many people jumped on the Perry wagon before they knew squat about him. 13 million, and for what? Serves them right for not doing their homework first.


PolticalJunkie2008 said...

I'm not sure the numbers are correct and also I don't think we can definitively say American Crossroads (Karl Rove's PAC) is a pro-Romney PAC just yet.

karl said...

"I don't think we can definitively say American Crossroads (Karl Rove's PAC) is a pro-Romney PAC just yet."

I can!

Anonymous said...

Don't some of these PACS donate to multiple presidential candidates in the same election year? I wonder if American Crossroads has donated money to other GOP presidential candidates besides Romney?