Monday, October 3, 2011

Mitt Romney Interview with the New Hampshire Union Leader (VIDEO 10-03-11)

This 1 hour and 10 minute interview is fantastic. Romney goes in depth into Foreign Policy among other issues.
Mitt Romney, the GOP front-runner among likely New Hampshire Primary voters, was interviewed today by the editor & publisher of the Union Leader, a Manchester-based newspaper & website.

The former Massachusetts governor says he's confident he’ll win his party’s nomination for President but he understands why some voters are calling for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to run. “Americans want to take a careful look at the candidates,” he said.

He also discussed the behavior of audiences at some of the GOP presidential debates - saying he wouldn't “scold the audience” when they boo as they did during comments involving a gay U.S. soldier.
The Full Story is HERE.

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ConMan said...

What a great interview. Everyone needs to view this.

The panels questions were tougher than any from the debates so far.

Romney really displays his smarts here.

Noelle said...

Great interview. I know I follow Romney more closely than the other candidates, so it's possible this already exists, just that I don't know about it, but it would be good of all the candidates had this type of interview - comprehensive, unedited, and tough. Romney certainly demonstrated his smarts and his level of preparation for the job of POTUS.

Anonymous said...

Romney is a double-talking scumbag. right speak should not support him; they will lose a lot of people, including me.

Nancy said...

Excellent interview. No candidate comes close to Romney's grasp of the issues or vision of what needs to be done to turn our country around.

Anonymous said...

Anon, who do you support? Why don't you sign your name, sign up to post and put up articles about YOUR favorite candidate. Oh, well, it's probably Obama, anyway, and you can't post about Obama on RightSpeak because it will DRIVE people away, including me!


Revolution 2012 said...


We never had you.

Look at the bright side, come the General election, there is always Obama.