Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mitt Romney In The Lead In Online Advertising

Mitt Romney is investing more than his Republican presidential rivals in online ad and digital media spending.
With Barack Obama’s re-election campaign and the Democratic National Committee hitting the $5 million mark in online ad related spending alone, Romney has spent more than twice as much as Michele Bachmann on online advertising and other digital efforts, and several hundred thousand dollars more than Herman Cain.
Through September, Romney spent more than $895,000 with digital consulting firm Targeted Victory, much of which most likely went towards online advertising such as display, search, and video ads.
Look below to see a break down of how various Republican 2012 candidates are spending for online advertising: 

GOP Presidential Candidates
Online Ad/Marketing Spending
April-September 2011
CandidateAmount Spent on
Online Ad/Marketing Related Buys
Mitt Romney $895,229
Michele Bachmann $394,508
Jon Huntsman $100,971
Ron Paul $95,436
Rick Santorum $68,466
Buddy Roemer $41,114
Herman Cain $24,935
(not including
video production spending)

You can go HERE to read the entire story. 

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1 comment:

Terry said...

If I were Mitt, I'd fire his advertising Company.

I for one, don't see that many of his ads.

Michele Bachmann seems to be all over the place.