Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mitt Romney a good neighbor

I came across this article today in the Boston Herald that I wanted to share. It shows a side of Mitt Romney that many folks may not be aware of:
Sometimes something unexpected shows us a lot about what kind of man or woman a candidate is.

Take GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s town hall meeting with voters Monday at the VFW hall in Milford, N.H. Dominique Favey had brought her 84-year-old mother, who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, in hopes of giving her a memorable moment — a chance to shake hands with a potential future president who also had been the elder Favey’s next-door neighbor in Belmont since 1971, before their family moved to New Hampshire.

They sat in one of the front rows of chairs clustered around Romney as he carried a hand-held microphone to citizens with questions. He came to a man who had stood up directly behind the Faveys and handed the mic to him. And then the candidate noticed Dominique Favey, seated only inches from Romney, discreetly waggling her fingers at him and pointing toward her mother, Gilberte Favey.

When Romney recognized his former neighbor, his jaw dropped in surprise. He held her hands and then gave her a big hug, looking up, smiling, to tell his audience, “Old friends.”

Indeed so, and Mrs. Favey’s memories of Romney were sharp — and tender. “He used to come over and do my dishes,” she recalled. And once, when a body shop said her car had frame troubles, “he came and in his white shirt, crawled under the car and checked it. He crawled back out and said, ‘Gilley, your car’s just fine.’ ”
Read the rest of the story HERE.

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Noelle said...

My support for Mitt Romney is not based on the fact that he is good man, but that he is good and honorable adds strength to my support.

larry said...

What a great article.

I remember also Romney taking time out from a campaign to help someone clean up after a big fire in California. I thought I read that story here on RS.

leighrow said...

Unfortunately you will not see any of these stories in the MSM or on FOX. Both the GOP and the DNC are working in tandem against a Romney presidency.
It sickens me to think that Romney may not be the GOP nominee.

DanL said...

Nice story. I imagine that most of our candidates have stories of kindness as well. I can't, however, imagine a story like this about Perry.

Anonymous said...

I hope all of our candidates have stories about shoveling a neighbor's walk or taking a look under their cars. Unfortunately for Obama, even if he has stories like these he can't share them. I don't think Tony Rezko's tales of good neighbor Obama has quite the right political vibes!


Anonymous said...

Dan, my thoughts exactly. Most of the the candidates are probably decent caring neighbors with all sorts of good deeds to speak about. But I, too, have a hard time believing it about Perry!


Slick-Willy said...

Great story. It's nice to be reminded that the competent candidate is also a deep, good man.

Graham Bradley said...

I didn't hear about this until you posted it. Thank you for getting it out. I'm so glad to be supporting such a great man.

Anonymous said...

Didn't anybody enjoy my joke about Obama's neighbor? I thought it was great!