Saturday, October 8, 2011

LIVE FEED: Values Voter Summit (October 7-9, approx 9:00 AM EST)

Conservative political activists and politicians will focus on the upcoming presidential election during Friday’s session of the sixth annual 2012 Values Voter Summit, organized by the Family Research Council (FRC). The summit takes place September 14-16.

Throughout the day, speakers will discuss the overall conservative strategy in this election season with speeches from leading politicians and personalities.

The Schedule of events is HERE.
The list of confirmed speakers is HERE. (* indicates attending event)

NOTE: I have listed the day and the time range for each speaker. The schedule does not give specifics on the times.

Rick Santorum (Video of Speech)
Herman Cain (Video of Speech)
Newt Gingrich (Video of Speech)
Rick Perry (Video of Speech)
Michele Backmann (Friday - 7:20PM-9:30PM)
Ron Paul (Video of Speech P1, P2)
Mitt Romney:

And several other well known celebrities. View the list HERE.
The Schedule can be viewed HERE.



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Anonymous said...

Bosman, I know Romney sort of has to attend these events, but I wish he could tell them to jump in the lake.

The slimeball/racist/bigot/lunatic Bryan Fischer speaks right after Romney.

CPAC should be boycotted for inviting people like Fischer. These people don't do any good to the conservative cause, and indeed cause a lot of damage.

Just my 2 cents.


BOSMAN said...

Hi Martha,

I noticed the timing on this as well.

They probably scheduled it that way on purpose, to try and throw some kind of wammy on Romney's speech.

It won't work.

Romney is speaking there to show them that if Reps want to win in 12, we need to all do it together with the candidate who appeals to THE MOST voters. Especially Indies.

Anonymous said...

Bos, I would like to see Romney throw in some not so subtle hints directly to Fischer and co. about tolerance--religious and otherwise.


Anonymous said...

And so it begins. Perry plays the bigot card.


Ohio JOE said...

If you actually read the whole article Martha and not just the headline, you will find that Mr. Perry distanced himself from that chap. There is not a bigot under every rock like you think.

Anonymous said...

OJ, Perry and co knew what Jeffries was going to say before he said it. Don't be naive.

Anonymous said...

yep, when all fails and your desperate, bring out the weird mormon thingy.