Saturday, October 22, 2011

Insider Advantage/Majority Opinion Research Poll: Romney over Obama in a BLOWOUT!

H/T Joe
A new poll using a more up-to-date voter turnout model than most other surveys shows that President Obama’s lead over his potential Republican adversaries is much smaller than believed — and the race is “eminently winnable” by the GOP candidate.

In fact, the poll conducted for Newsmax by Insider Advantage/Majority Opinion Research, taking into consideration current voter demographics, finds that Mitt Romney would defeat Obama in a “blowout,” according to pollster Matt Towery, CEO of Insider Advantage.
Head-To-Head: (assuming significant lower younger voter turnout and significant higher Republican turnout)

Mitt Romney 45% (+6)
Barack Obama 39%

Barack Obama 41
Herman Cain 41 ( - )

Barack Obama 41
Ron Paul 37 (-4)

Barack Obama 43%
Rick Perry 38% (-5)

Barack Obama 43
Newt Gingrich 37 (-6)
The survey of more than 1,350 registered voters likely to vote in the 2012 general election, using data from extensive outside polling, more closely reflects today’s turnout model, which differs significantly from the 2008 model and thus is likely to more accurately reflect the true voting preferences of today’s electorate.
To view the other scenarios and data, go HERE.

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Noelle said...

While I think Romney will beat Obama in a Reagan style landslide, I still think it is too early to depend on head-to-head polls involve Obama. The reason is because the Republicans are still split among their different candidates.

You still have people out there saying they will never ever vote for Romney. I was one of those against McCain... I was at the voting table in Nov. before I finally decided to not write in Romney's name and waste my vote for McCain.

Terrye said...

Wow...any Republican that says he will not vote for Romney if he is the nominee is in no position to call anyone else a Rino. Morons.

Anonymous said...

landslide, just wait for it ......

Anonymous said...

Romney has always been a leader in all endeavors. He will be a great President and the Republicans will be happy they supported him. If they don't get behind him, they will kick themselves for many years to come because Obama will then ratchet up his socialist reign when he's a lame duck President.