Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Does Herman Cain hope that BAD ACTING will win voters over?

I've been involved in politics for over 40 years. This has to be the most "Unique" ad I've ever come across.

I'm guessing there is a message here but unfortunately for the Cain Campaign, voters aren't supposed to have to guess what that message is.

WARNING: Don't watch this video if you're undecided on a 2012 candidate. This video may cloud your decision making process

Four horse's ass

File under BIZARRE!

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Jaehos said...

That can't possibly from Cain's camp.

Anonymous said...

What the h...?

Anonymous said...

This video DOES NOT translate into "competence".

Noelle said...

The problem I see with both this ad and the "smoking" ad is that, while I like Cain as a smart, and ethical guy, his campaign lacks the level of gravitas I expect from serious candidates. These kinds of ads are okay to lighten the serious mood of a contentious campaign if they are sprinkled among more content oriented ads, but on their own they seem juvenile, and contribute to my impression that Cain is not serious about winning.

Cain has stated before that America lacks a sense of humor, and to a certain degree I agree with him; there is a time for levity. But we are a nation facing an economic crisis unseen in my lifetime (and I'm not spring chicken). I want a president, and by extension a candidate who is serious in his approach to address this and other issues. Let's have the jokes, let's have the light-hearted humor, but let us not have it define the campaign.

Anonymous said...

These messages are just as empty of substance as Obama's Hope and Change campaign in '08. But I can really see these appealing to the type yokels who love to listen to Beck and Fox News.


Anonymous said...

Cain is making a complete fool of himself. What a waste.


Anonymous said...

Is this ad suppose to inspire confidence in Cain's abilities? This just goes along with my initial perception of Cain as being a nice guy but lacking depth to win the highest office in the U.S..

Machtyn said...

If this ad was whittled down to just the Searcy promo, it is a really decent commercial. However, the other 2 minutes of fluff video makes it weird.

Still, this ad is MUCH better than the 'smoking' ad.

p.s. Whoever is in charge of the zoom on the camera needs to be fired. We don't want to see a face *that* close up. It's just creepy.