Monday, October 31, 2011

Does the Democratic Party consider Mitt Romney the inevitable GOP Nominee?

The Obama campaign couldn’t care less about Herman Cain.

That seemed to be the subtext of a Monday statement from Obama spokesman Ben LaBolt, blasting one of the top GOP presidential candidates – but not the one currently under fire for alleged sexual harassment.
Today Obama spokesman wasted no time going after Romney for his consistent criticism of President Obama and his responsibility for much of America's economic woes.
“It is deeply ironic that Mitt Romney, who is running on the No We Can’t platform, would launch this false attack,” LaBolt said, ticking off a list of attacks on Romney’s economic policies. “While the President is fighting for an economy that’s built to last where we out educate and out innovate the rest of the world, Mitt Romney has been busy telling Americans what he believes our nation can’t do.”
This attack on Romney is nothing new and as the article points out that Democrats are taking a pass on the latest Cain story.
Democrats have never viewed Cain as a credible Republican presidential nominee, but the party’s silence Monday but an especially fine point on it – and also highlighted the extent to which the Obama camp is already treating Romney like a general election candidate.

Read the full story on Politico HERE.

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Anonymous said...

They'd be crazy not to.

Terrye said...

Yeah, I think they probably do think Romney is the likely does intrade.

kim said...

They took a pass at Cain because they still hope there is an outside chance that Romney will stumble and Cain the nominee.

Why waste bullets?