Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dear Rombots, Rush Limbaugh Is Not On Your Side

Today, Rush Limbaugh announced that Obama wants to run against Romney more than the other candidates. This, of course, is obviously the exact opposite of truth. As reported by Politico, the Obama team is increasingly worried about Romney and is secretly rooting for Perry to spend his $15 million on ripping Romney to shreds. Either way, Obama will get a bruised Romney or a normal Perry. Win, win if you are Dem.

Yet, Rush thinks that it is all a hoax and that Obama is more scared of Perry. It really is hard for me to even think like the average Rush fan. How can one be so brainwashed that you really do think that Perry would be a more formidable force against Obama? Yet, that is what Rush does to you.

A couple of weeks ago, Rush declared that Mitt Romney is not conservative. This, almost four years after he declared Romney to be a three-stool conservative. Has Romney become less conservative since then? No, but Rush has small minds to mold. Furthermore, the grassroots has gone buck wild and he can't risk his entertainment enterprise over the pitchforked anger of his Tea Party audience.

The Republican Party has fallen a long ways from the days of William Buckley. It no longer concerns itself with the details of governing. It is strictly a reality show. That is why Rick Perry and Herman Cain can offer tax plans that glaze over basic math. That is why right-wing bloggers can praise Rick Perry's energy plan despite the fact that it reveals that Rick Perry knows nothing about energy. And that is why Rick Perry has given up on the idea of debating before a live audience and instead will completely give himself to paid advertisements and winks and nods affirming birtherism and religious bigotry. Sorry Mr. Buckley, but this is now the Grand Ole Party.

And this is why Mitt Romney is such a threat to Rush Limbaugh. The former governor of Massachusetts represents a small possibility that a Republican who is interested in governing will reside in the White House. Limbaugh's entertainment complex will take a hit. Rushbo will not have Obama to use a fear-creating prop.

So, my dear Rombots. Repeat after me: Rush Limbaugh is not on your side. He wants you to lose.

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Anonymous said...

Nice one, Pablo! You hit it all exactly right. Thank you for the note of clarity--which seems to be almost non-existent in the conservative media nowadays.

I'm embarrassed that I ever listened to Rush!


Machtyn said...

And lest we forget, neither is FoxNews.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree Pablo. And I love the tag 'the village idiot'.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Machtyn and Pablo. Rupert murdoch does not want Romney. I consider myself a conservative. My father was a blue collar guy who fought against the unions-not a very popular position amongst his coworkers..ha ha.

This whole GOP campaign has certainly opened my eyes with respect to the different conservative news sources and pundits out there and if there is one thing that I learned from this whole exercise is to verify the information with multiple sources.
Don't these conservative trolls realize that one can verify information with the simple use of Google and Bing. We can actually pull up a potential GOP candidates interview to evaluate the truth verses a 2 second sound byte strategically placed in a political ad.

Anonymous said...

My response to the title is: "Uh do ya think?"!!

Anonymous said...

Does Rush think it is Mitt's fault that Perry sucks so bad in debates! Rush's anger is aimed at Romney, but it should be aimed at Perry for coming off as less than bright in the debates(where Rick lost his lead). It's all Perry's own fault that he's losing,--not Romney's.

Doug NYC GOP said...

Rush is in a pickle. He loves to push this theory the WH/Lib Media will destroy the one they fear the most. He used to prop up Palin and rally the mindless to her.

Now that the WH is trying to undermine and torpedo Romney in the Primaries, so they never have to face him a general, Rush is doing mental gymnastics trying to rationalize this.

The oaf has talked himself into a far right wing corner and he is thereby forced to back nimrods like Perry and O'Donnell,rather than be pragmatic and win.

His bloviating cost us Delaware and the ouster of Dingy Harry Reid.

Stay at home, sell your tea, pet your new dog, play with your cat and make sure your current marriage doesn't end up on the scrap heap.

Terrye said...

Rush has never in his life had to run anything but his mouth.

It would not be so bad that guys like him had this attitude if they actually had a viable alternative to run with...but no, they just have to try and wreck the guy.

Romney is not a liberal, he is in fact more conservative than a lot of these people seem to realize.

Anonymous said...

I listened to Rush for, I don't know, about 15 years-years I'll never get back. At first, he was great, and I thought he was kind of funny and interesting. Pretty soon it was such a habit that I couldn't stop, so my family had to endure Rush every single day. Now I see what torture it really was-oh the shame I feel now, but live and learn I guess.

I defended Rush through the divorces, the drugs, the viagra, etc., even thought I knew Rush was utterly and completely self-absorbed and intellectually lazy.

My hubby (smart man) never really got into it, though he did listen here and there. My kids learned a little, but were mostly annoyed.

I've been Rush-free for quite a while now, and while I now see quite clearly that he is an utterly dishonest person, I still had a hard time believing Pablo when he claimed Rush was just in it for the money, ratings, etc.

But now, in light of his complete dishonesty and incoherence about Romney and a whole host of other things, I can come to no other conclusion than that Pablo is right. And I would like to thank you Pablo, for opening my eyes. You are doing the lord's work, my friend! Ha ha.

Like I said, I'm completely embarrassed that I listened for so long without seeing reality.

It's going to be delicious when Romney wins the nomination, the general, and becomes a successful CONSERVATIVE president, and Rush has to eat his lying nasty little words.


Anonymous said...

One more observation. Rush is a jerk, and classless most of the time. The ridicule he dishes out is over-the-top and non-stop. I should have known better than to tune in to hear someone berating people right and left for three hours. I wish I had just said no and not subjected my family to the likes of Rush Limbaugh for so many years.

There's got to be a better way to champion conservatism.


Machtyn said...

Both Rush's show and Glen Beck's radio show I really enjoyed. But even when I was listening to Rush a lot, I could only say that I agreed with him 80% of the time. Even now, I agree with him (just not up to 80% of the time).

Yes, he's over the top, rash, classless, etc. But he does have the talent for gab.

Glen Beck, too. I enjoy his show and the intelligent banter he and his cohorts put on.

However, when I listen to their shows, I get to hear 5 - 15 minute sections of actual program and another 5 minutes of commercials. What is their total program time stripping commercials and the half hour news breaks? 75 minutes? Maybe 90 minutes. That's a whole lot of buy gold, buy male enhancement, buy listening aid, and buy drugs ads. It's like I'm listening to my email's spam box.

Ohio JOE said...

"His bloviating cost us Delaware and the ouster of Dingy Harry Reid." Ah no, it was the party establishment's antics that cost us.

Pablo said...


Thanks for the kind words. I also used to be a Rush listener. And I think that Machtyn is right that Rush has the talent for gab. However, I consider Rush no different than televangelists. The only difference is that he takes people's money through fear mongering.

Terrye said...

Ohio Joe.

I disagree that the party costs us Delaware and Nevada..this is just how Rush and his people try to avoid responsibility. When they lose..they blame the socalled elite. There was no way that O'Donnell was going to win that..and Castle was actually a very well liked Republican in that state..the voters {remember them?} had voted for the man in state wide offices before..and as for Nevada..we got the usual crap from Rush about how the Democrats and their coherts will tell you who they are afraid of by ridiculing those people. Well that was nonsense..they ridiculed Sharon Angle because she was weird. And the voters did not like her. How is that the party's fault? They poured millions into her campaign.

No Rush was wrong about a lot of those people. Just plain wrong. And then when he loses, he and his fan club blame the elite..

Speaking of elite..Sir John Elton sang his million dollar wedding. Wasn't that sweet?

Terrye said...

I guess that should be Elton John shouldn't it? Well, unlike Rush I am not on first name basis with royalty..hence I slip up from time to time on the names.

Ohio JOE said...

Hello Terrye, blaming the Tea Party for everything and giving the party hacks a pass is getting old fast. By being a loose cannon, Mr. Rove helped cause his friend Mr. Castle to lose in the primary and he did not help the GOP cause in the General.

As for Nevada, you were not paying attention to thing down there. Mr. Limbaugh did not endorse Mrs. Angle in the primary. Thus it is laughable that you guy blame Mr. Limbaugh and Mrs. Palin for something they had no part. To be blunt it is just another example of establishment ignorance.

Further, it was the Tea Party wing of the party that gave us winners in KY, FL and PA. If the establishment clowns had there way. We would be stuck with liberal Senators from those states.

Frozone said...

Romney = conflict of interest for both Rush and Ailes (Fox). Advertising dollars go down with an effective republican in the White House.

Terrye said...

Ohio Joe..I did not blame the Tea Party for anything..there were plenty of good Tea Party candidates..but those particulars were not good...blaming others for that does not help the Tea Party.

Terrye said...

And as for Nevada, I heard Rush Limbaugh say that Sharon Angle was a good candidate and that the national GOP was not doing enough to help her and that if she would their fault.

Terrye said...

I think Limbaugh wants Obama to win. I really do.