Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Chris Christie News Conference (VIDEO 10-04-11)

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Machtyn said...

Add it to e list of NOs. Just remember to stockpile the "Can you see me as a number 2," quotes that Christie has stated in recent interviews as his name will come up for VP choices.

Noelle said...

I would have been shocked if Christie would have gotten into the race. One of his greatest qualities is his straight talk. After saying "no" so emphatically so many times, changing his mind would have damaged that reputation somewhat.

No one should be president, or even seek the job, if they do not have 100% desire to have the job. No one should be pressured into running. I don't want a president who doesn't want to be there.

There is a lot I like about Chris Christie, and in the end, I think he's doing the right thing staying in New Jersey.