Thursday, September 22, 2011

Why I Support Mitt Romney

The following are declared candidates in the 2012 GOP Presidential Race.

  1. Mitt Romney
  2. Rick Perry
  3. Newt Gingrich
  4. Jon Huntsman
  5. Michele Bachmann
  6. Herman Cain
  7. Ron Paul
  8. Rick Santorum
  9. Ron Johnson
  10. et al.

This is MY OPINION only.

Candidates who have the possibility of winning the GOP nomination:
1. Mitt Romney
2. Rick Perry

Candidates who have the capability to serve as President of the United States:
1. Mitt Romney (most qualified)
2. Newt Gingrich
3. Jon Huntsman
4. Rick Perry

Candidates who are best on the issues:
1. Mitt Romney
2. Newt Gingrich
3. Herman Cain
4. Rick Santorum
5. Michele Bachman

Candidates whose integrity I trust:
1. Mitt Romney
2. Herman Cain
3. Rick Santorum
4. Michele Bachmann
5. Ron Paul

Every candidate brings strengths and weaknesses to the race. While I think Newt Gingrich is capable, and is, in my opinion, the best speaker in the group, his integrity is questionable. While Rick Perry appears to be popular with the base, his stand on the issues is inconsistent. His words and his record do not match. While Jon Huntsman has experience in both the private sector and in government, his positions on the issues are too far to the left for me, and besides, he has never turned around a failing or floundering institution.

Mitt Romney is not perfect. However, he has all of the attributes that I feel are necessary to serve as president. He has a solid understanding of the challenges we face, and he knows how to create and implement a plan to fix the problems. He is fiscally responsible. He is not a life-long politician. He is a leader.  He has a thorough and detailed plan to confront the most pressing issue facing us this cycle. Jobs. I read his plan. I believe that it is a solid, conservative, pro-growth plan, and he is the man most qualified to implement that plan.

Mitt Romney's pro-life pledge
Romney on health care reform
Romney on fiscal responsibility
Romney on foreign policy
Romney on jobs

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Pablo said...

The only two on the list that I would get excited about are Romney and Huntsman. And no, I am not Mormon. If Christie got into the race, that would make three. If Jeb Bush got into the race, then I would support Jeb. But right now, it's Romney, because Huntsman has not chance.

Anonymous said...

I like where you placed Rick Perry on issues and integrity-not on the list. That's probably about where I would place him, as well. I am not excited about Perry spending most of his life in government, either. I am really grateful for Mitt's business background and think that our country really needs someone with serious business experience in the WH to help turn around the economy.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the thoughts and links!