Monday, September 12, 2011

Tim Pawlenty endorses Mitt Romney

I just received in my e-mail a minute ago the following.

Great crises often produce great leaders. Unfortunately, sometimes the timing isn't right, and neither is the leader.

Barack Obama came into office in the midst of a great economic crisis. Although hopes were high, he did not rise to the occasion. Now that the clouds of enthusiasm and excitement have parted, we see he was obviously unsuited for the task at hand.

President Obama has failed to meet America's economic challenges.

His three years of spending, regulating and taxing have not restarted the economy. Unemployment remains at a shocking 9.1 percent. Economic growth is hovering on the edge of a renewed recession.

Abroad, the standing of the United States appears uncertain and adrift under the failed leadership of a president who prefers chastising allies to condemning foes.

Fortunately, America may get a second chance: Mitt Romney is running for president, and I am proud to endorse him.

Alone among the contenders, he possesses the unique qualifications to confront and master our severe economic predicament. His abiding faith in our country's exceptional historical position as a beacon of freedom will make him the most important leader in a world that depends upon a strong America to stay at peace.

Having served as Governor of Massachusetts, he turned that state's budget around from deficit to surplus while simultaneously cutting taxes, but that is not the full measure of what he will bring to the Presidency. His time in government was a moment of service - a way to give back to our country-following a distinguished career in the private sector, where he launched companies and turned around troubled ones.

When the 2002 Winter Olympics were on the verge of collapse thanks to a bid-rigging scandal, Romney was asked to take over. The attacks of September 11 created a security nightmare. Romney presided over a highly complex security mobilization, addressed the management troubles plaguing the games, and staged one of the most memorable competitions ever seen on American soil.

Romney is running for president because he is deeply committed to our country, troubled by its current condition, and I believe he can turn it around.

He's formulated an economic plan - a set of alternatives to the government-oriented programs that Barack Obama has put in place - that is unparalleled in the history of American electoral campaigns. By pressing for fundamental change in the way that Washington taxes and spends, issues regulations, uses energy, interacts with our major trading partners, and deals with our labor force, he fully envisions a way to place America back on the path toward rapid economic growth and full employment.

And at his core, Mitt Romney is a man of great character. He and his wife Ann have been married for more than four decades. She is the love of his life. Together, they have five sons and sixteen grandchildren.

But he's not only a family man, he is a man of principle. He believes in the bedrock conservative ideals of limited government and free enterprise. He will stand up for America's allies when they are threatened, with fortitude. And he will face down our adversaries. He is a formidable person, and he will certainly be a formidable president. Our allies can count on it, and our enemies should expect it.

Crises indeed produces great leaders. Sometimes it just takes awhile.

I am proud to stand with Mitt. Will you join me?


Tim Pawlenty

This makes me VERY happy. Tim Pawlenty was my second choice after Mitt Romney for 2012 GOP nominee. He always had my respect, and this, of course, adds to that respect. Thank you Tim Pawlenty!

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Right Wingnut said...


Noelle said...

Yeah, that was a good line. But Romney has made his position clear when it comes to Federal health care reform.

In the end, no candidate is perfect. Romney is not perfect, not as a person, not as a candidate, and he won't be perfect as president if he is elected. But Pawlenty and I see eye to eye, that Romney is the best equipped to address the challenges we are facing.

Ohio JOE said...

Interesting, thanks for posting Noelle. While I disagree with you and Mr. Pawlenty on this, it certainly does not hurt Mr. Romney. On the other hand, I do not know how much it will help either. Mr. Pawlenty is a respected man, but in the end, he never receieve more than a few per cent.

The timing is interesting. This endorsemnet does give political cover to other Conservatives wishing to endorse Mr. Romney, but I am not sure that this will be significant in and of itself.

Anonymous said...

wait a minut noelle, there is one other. Sarah Palin is perfect!!!


Machtyn said...

But Palin is not running. Sorry to disappoint you there.

BOSMAN said...

I thought it was great at the end when the The Fox crew tried to end the segment saying Perry wanted to fix SS, and Pawlenty interrupted Ducey repeating what Perry said and WROTE!

Anonymous said...

true bosman, they are so in it for perry.

Ohio JOE said...

"But Palin is not running." She told you that???

Massachusetts Conservative said...


Anonymous said...

Palin will endorse romney in hopes of being his press secretary....hahahahahahaha....

pawlenty got a sweet deal from his endorsement, palin will be out to get hers

Anonymous said...

OJ, I just had a phone conversation with Palin, she says she will not run for president. Sorry buddy :(

Ohio JOE said...

If you really did have a phone call with her, you'd sign some sort of a name instead of calling yourself Anonymous. Nice try fellow. Next one.

Closer To Home said...

I now wonder where TPaw fits in a Romney administration. He is an accomplished and vetted conservative and would be a great asset.

Also, I'm interested to see what Smack thinks.

BOSMAN said...

The video says he's Romney's new National Co-Chair of his campaign.

Crystalf said...

Right, Bos, that was great that TPaw interrupted to state what Perry said in his book ... Fox would not allow that to be the last word & had to discount Pawlenty's comment .. no, no, Perry wants to fix SS .. pleeez, you can't unwrite his book .. even if he does write a silly oped to try to get you to forget. I feel very good about Paw's decision & I think this will be a good spot for him - maybe it will allow him to work on & perfect his "attack dog" skills :) His writeup, introduction & interview, I thought, were VERY good!

Machtyn said...

OJ: To answer your question: No, Palin didn't tell me. But is she running? Nope. She has not stated that she is running, therefore she is not running.

In the race for nomination, you really do have to state that you are, in fact, running. She has not stated that as fact.