Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rick Perry being accused of discrimination

A coalition of civil rights groups will file documents with the Department of Justice tomorrow accusing Texas Gov. Rick Perry of intentionally discriminating against black and Hispanic voters by backing and signing a strict new voter identification law earlier this year.

Voter ID has emerged as an increasingly hard-fought partisan issue, with Republicans across the country pushing laws they say will combat possible vote fraud, while Democrats say their real effect will be to keep voters who don't have ID — mostly the poor — away. The new law requires voters to show drivers licenses, passports, or other federal or state identification; old rules permitted voters to show utility bills and other common documents.

The full story is HERE.

I actually agree with the idea of voters being required to show an Identification card. But Why is Governor Perry putting the screws to our veterans?

As Governor Rick Perry tours Iowa, talking a lot about his own military history, a veteran in Texas wants people to know that Perry's rhetoric doesn't meet his record. Specifically, Perry backed and signed a new voter ID law in the state that would prohibit veterans from using their ID card from the Department of Veterans Affairs to vote, even though it is a government-issued photo ID.


Ann McGeehan, director of the Texas Secretary of State's elections division, said last week that photo ID cards issued by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs are not acceptable forms, under the new law.

The full story is HERE

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Revolution 2012 said...

The last thing our veterans need is to be harassed or denied their vote after fighting for that very privilage

Anonymous said...

I think it was unwise not to include Veteran's I.D.'s under this law; Vets need our support.