Sunday, September 25, 2011

Putin is coming back as President of Russia

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has ended months of speculation by saying he will run for president next March in an election that could open the way for him to stay in power for 12 more years.

Putin's announcement was greeted by a standing ovation on Saturday at a congress of his ruling United Russia party, but it alarmed critics who say his return to the presidency could herald an era of political and economic stagnation.


Putin, 58, accepted a proposal by Medvedev to return as president in the carefully choreographed congress in a Moscow sports stadium.

"I want to say directly: (Medvedev and I) reached an agreement between ourselves long ago, several years ago, on what to do in the future, on who should do what," Putin said.

This adds to the urgency to retire President Obama. We don't need an apologetic lightweight in the Whitehouse to deal on the world stage with Mr KGB.

The full story is HERE.

Take a look at the expression on Medvedev's face in the audience as he listens to Putin. It has the look of someone who might have found a horse's head in his bed.

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Anonymous said...

This is scary stuff.

Revolution 2012 said...

I agree.

I think Putin is the most evil leader in the world.

Yes, even more evil than Iran's Ahmadinejad and Korea's Kim Jong-il who I don't think are as smart or as clever as Putin.

Anonymous said...

Another 12 years of Putin and the KGB, that is NOT good. Let's get a President who will put together a team that won't just "wish on a star" when it comes to foreign policy. We need a President that can scare someone like Putin.

Go Mitt!


Алишя Григорова said...

This is crap Putin is NOT EVIL. Putin is a fantastic leader, he has done wonderful things for Russians. Putin has implemented a flat income tax in Russia of 13% which has brought many businesses to the country. The result of this was that poverty levels were cut in half! The demand for employees has also raised the average salary of Russians more than 7 and a half times what it was before he first took presidential office for the first time. The economy grew every year Putin was president and the economy actually started contracting when Medvedev took office after him!

Putin is the champion of Russia and of the Russian people! This article is just ignorance. I hate it when ignorant people speak about thinks like they are knowledgeable about them.

Proudly Russian, proudly American.
Алишя Григорова

Anonymous said...
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