Friday, September 23, 2011

Just How Bad Did Rick Perry Do Last Night?

Even Erick Erickson had to admit,

Rick Perry was a train wreck in this debate. He flubbed his response on Romney flip-flopping. He got the first question tonight and stumbled. Good grief. 

Romney did so much better than Perry. So much better. 
Ouch! After Erick, Rick Perry's mother is the last person I would expect to hear that from. 

The good news for Perry is that the bar is now low for him in the next debate. Really low.


Machtyn said...

I can't help it. For those who were on the MRC chat late last night, you saw this mash up. Rick Perry on the Fail Train

Anonymous said...

I saw that picture last night. Too funny, Machtyn.


Machtyn said...

I think Noelle will make a post about this soon. However, I thought it was a good spot to put here.

For Intrade numbers, the result of last night's debate was fairly devastating.

I've made a custom graph showing the closing numbers. At one point Mitt was as high as 45% and Perry at 25%. This was after there was a 2 point difference between them.