Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Donald meets with Rick Jim Perry

I always thought Donald Trump was a game show kind of guy. After all, there is a resemblance between Game show icon Jim Perry and Rick Perry. Add the fact that Jim was the host of "Sale Of The Century" and I can understand that mix-up.

The other possibility is that Rick introduced himself to the Donald as Jim. After all, perhaps he wasn't prepared for that line of questioning or maybe he had a lot on his mind.

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Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I take it you don't think to much of Perry?

Anonymous said...


His full name is James Richard Perry. No idea why "the Donald" called him Jim, but it is his first name.

craigs said...

I don't have a clue why Romney or anybody else pays attention to this clown. well, in the case of Jim Perry, I actually do:

Let's see;

Trump uses eminent domain to foreclose on an 82 year old widow in Atlantic City so he can use her land for a parking lot for his hotel / casino. A year or two later, Trumps puts his hotel assets , including the parking lot , in a shell company and files bankruptcy ( for the third time ).
Perry's Trumps NY buddy, Rudy Guiliani's law firm to represent the Spanish company that perry wants to outsource to , to develop the Eminent Domain strategy to gobble up hundreds of thousand of Texas acres for his TTC ( trans Texas Corridor ) that links a Mexican west coast port, via a new 4 lane Mexican highway, to the border crossing of the TTC. This provides a much better access route for Asian and South American drugs into the U.S
Who does Perry go to for advice on eminent domain ? The expert, of course, Big Jim ( Donald ) Trump.
So, in Perry's case it makes sense. Mitt ? Not so much


BOSMAN said...


It doesn't matter what his birth name is. He goes by Rick now.

Unless of course he's suffering from a multiple personality disorder and is thinking of distancing himself from the tricky Ricky one.

Terry said...

That's quite a pay-to-play list that Perry has.

Why isn't that being discussed in the media?

Noelle said...

I can't stand Donald Trump. I wish Romney were not going to meet with him.

Between Trump and Perry, who do I like least? Hmmm,that's a tough call. I'll get back to you on that.