Friday, September 9, 2011

Does Rick Perry want to be THUG and Chief?

I'd like to start off by stating that I'm not a Ron Paul supporter. He's way out there for me on a lot of issues. However, after I read an article and viewed the accompanying photo, I could feel my blood begin to boil.

During a commercial break, Perry walked up to Paul's podium, physically grabbed Paul's wrist, and pointed at Paul's face with his other hand (photo below from Reuters).

It appears that Rick Perry is no more than a bully.

Because Paul brought up some valid truths about Perry in a debate....Perry not satisfied with his rebuttal to Paul, instead decides to get in Paul's face? I don't care what Ron Paul said about Rick Perry....It doesn't matter. Ron Paul is in his 70's and does not deserve to be physically intimidated by anyone under any circumstance.

I have no doubt that if it had been Rand Paul instead, Perry's hands would have stayed by his side. I was taught to respect the elderly. I would hope that our next President was taught that as well.

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Anonymous said...

Paul did go after Perry in a debate. No matter what was said, Perry's actions seem inexcusable. How can we even think of voting in a guy who acts like this when he's upset?


Drumcp said...

Actually the Guardian has three pictures of the scenes and in one occasion Jon Huntsman actually had to come in the middle to stop Rick Perry from attacking Ron Paul. I wish Faux News talked about this, but helas! They are pushing Rick Perry! and

Ohio JOE said...

Well, one of the reason I half admire Mr. Perry is that he is a no-sense type guy that you do not want to mess with. As an aside, we used to have a man on our street from Texas and some of the other neighbors were not smart enough not to mess with him. However, physically going after somebody during a debate (no matter how old they are) is crossing the line.

This is the type of shenanigans that happened in my homeland; I never thought it would happen in America.

Much of what is brought up by the anti-Perryites is irelivent childish non-sense. However, this is one of the particular episodes where Mr. Perry has some explaining to do. I do not have a problem with these men having an intense word exchange, but it should not lead to physical action.

Right Wingnut said...


With everything we now know about Perry...Gardisil, TTC, Dream Act, crony capitalism, etc....

THIS is finally the straw that broke the camel's back for you?

Ohio JOE said...

"THIS is finally the straw that broke the camel's back for you?" Yes and no, first of all, I never was a Perryite to begin with and he was not even my second or third choice. However, let's say that I am assumed with what anti-Perryites throw against the wall.

Gardisil is terrible, but I admire Mr. Perry for admitting he was wrong.

TTC and the Dream Act and not good things, but they are not serious issues and Mr. Perry is not the only person behind those things.

With regards to Crony Capitalism, Crony Capitalism has become a part of American life over the past few years or so. TARP was a good example of it. I am not convinced that Mr. Perry is particularly worse than some of the other candidates.

So I guess in a way this particular issue does all of a sudden shine Mr. Perry in a particular bad light.

DanL said...

This may have been felonious assault, either under CA laws or under the very unique laws that apply protect Congressman. If it does qualify as a felony then I sure hope that Paul presses charges.

DanL said...

Ron Paul is 76 years old! This behavior from Perry is so very disgusting it makes me see red. I really wish some secret service assigned to Paul would have thrown Perry down on his cow stinking butt.

Right Wingnut said...

OJ, TTC is not a serious issue? The government seizure of millions of acres of land is NOT a serious issue? It sounds like you need to read up on TTC.


The plan included 4400 linear miles of a toll road network, running parallel in many cases to existing Highways and Interstates already in existence. The corridor’s right of way was to be a full 1/4 mile wide. Simple math tells you that even ignoring junctions and interchanges, this would have consumed 1100 square miles of Texas’ territory. You might argue that while it’s a lot of land, Texas is a big state. That’s all well and good if the state already owns the land, but since it doesn’t, it was going to acquire it by use of eminent domain. Again, you might argue that building roads is one function for which eminent domain ought to apply, but once you look at the rules to be applied to this project, you might well conclude otherwise. Rather than basing their offers to property owners on free market value, they instead intended to limit it to “fair market value” as determined by a panel of cronies they would gin up for the chore.

This project actually proposed bisecting county and farm roads, and even property, dead-ending what are fairly important thoroughfares for the communities they serve. More, it would have bisected school districts and even towns along its path. Again, you might think that impossible until you understand that this was to be a closed system with few exits or on-ramps, only permitting access at major Highway and Interstate junctions. This threatened to destroy many rural communities, and they rose up against it. Once the details became clear to the public, it was quickly sent back for re-work, and eventually dumped.

Here were the things they didn’t advertise, but you need to know. It was supposed to be operate by a concessionaire, Cintra, for a period of 50 years. It was going to employ tolls of roughly $0.26 per mile. A geographical understanding of the scale of Texas immediately prompts the question: “Who on Earth would voluntarily pay to enter a closed-system roadway at that cost over the huge distances in Texas, when a free parallel alternative is just a few miles away in the form of an Interstate, or Highway?” Good question, and the answer is: Almost nobody. So how did they intend to make this work? In 2004,TxDOT applied to the USDOT for a waiver so that they could charge a toll on the existing I-35. The first leg of the proposed TTC system was called TTC-35, the leg that would run from Laredo to an undetermined point on the Oklahoma border. In other words, it was a corridor to nowhere, but in order to get you to use it, they were going to toll the free Interstate and let it fall into disrepair.

Opponents at the time argued that the existing I-35 corridor could be widened, and this was met with a dismissive rejection by Perry’s Transportation Commission. They said it couldn’t be done in a cost-efficient way. Your confusion at this statement matches that of the average Texan who realizes that this couldn’t possibly be true. How hard is it to add a few lanes here and there? Yes, you’ll have some eminent domain issues, but nothing on the scale of what the TTC proposed.


Right Wingnut said...

....They also promised it would promote economic development, but what they kept concealed for a while, until they no longer could do so under the law, was that because it was a closed system, Cintra, the corporation from Spain that would build and operate it, would also have exclusive rights to all concessions along its length. More, due to the limitations on exits and on-ramps, it could never be shown how this colossal highway system would provide any sort of economic boon to anybody, because you wouldn’t be able to access most smaller towns from along its length. I’m sure you’ll agree with me that the fact that one of Perry’s top staffers was a former Cintra VP, and the fact that one of his own staffers had gone on to work for Cintra had absolutely nothing to do with Perry’s TTC plans. Right?


Anonymous said...

Perry is a slug.

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