Friday, September 30, 2011

Ann Romney & Anita Perry on their Husbands (VIDEOS)

I thought it might be interesting to compare 2 potential First Ladies:

Anita Perry, the wife of Texas Governor and Republican Presidential candidate Rick Perry, speaks at the Polk County Republican Party dinner in Clive, Iowa.

And Ann Romney, the wife of Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney makes remarks at a Seacoast Republican Women luncheon in Greenland, NH:

Ann Romney:

Anita Perry:

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Noelle said...

Okay, you all know I am a big Romney supporter, so if you want to accuse me of bias, you are within your rights, but I honestly was more impressed with Ann Romney than I was with Anita Perry. They both were supportive of their husbands, and I would expect nothing less. Mrs. Romney's message continued to make the case that Mitt Romney is ready for the job. Mrs. Perry's message was that Rick Perry is a nice guy.

I am not going to question the love that either man has for his country, but Mitt brings experience and excellence. Rick's only hope for success, should he win the White House, is that he can somehow enjoy a strong Republican majority in both the House and the Senate, repeal the income tax, get oil under ground in all of the states, and make the entire country "right to work."

Romney can succeed, even in the face of adversity. Perry can succeed if everything is already in place, and he has smooth sailing.

Obama has been a bad president. Of that there is no doubt. But he has also had to face unforeseen challenges and obstacles. As I look for someone who can replace him, I'm not just looking for "anybody but Obama." I'm looking for the best. That man is Mitt Romney.

If this country were on a track of prosperity, I could possibly support Rick Perry. But we need someone to turn things around. Romney is that man.

This comment ended up being a lot longer than I anticipated. :)

Anonymous said...

I've never heard Anita Perry speak before. As Noelle said, both wives will no doubt, support their husbands.

However, I cringed a bit when talking about the "truth" her husband speaks especially in light of his recent statements on the debate stage and in his ads attacking Mitt with total misrepresentations/lies.

Listening to her talk about TX's "gift" to illegals in college education. It makes NO sense to use a MAGNET for illegals when LEGALS do NOT get the same treatment.

Katrina L. Lantz said...

This just reaffirmed for me that I never want to be a politician's wife. Man, these ladies have a lot on their shoulders.

Ann is a class act. Anita was understandably defensive of her husband, but it's clear she lets the criticisms get to her. Mitt is just as criticized nationally, if not more than Rick Perry, and yet Ann focuses on the positives. Just different personalities, and I know which one I prefer. :)

If all of us could be like Ann! She'll be a great First Lady of the United States.

BOSMAN said...

I'm with you Noelle

Ann Romney for First Lady 2012!

Revolution 2012 said...

NO Contest.

Ann in 2012!