Tuesday, September 20, 2011

America Readies to Stand by Israel

Mike Huckabee will participate in the Hudson Institute and Touro College counter UN conference called The Perils of Global Intolerance: The United Nations and Durban III.   Huckabee released highlights of his upcoming speech to conference chairwoman Anne Bayefsk stating:
"The effort to condemn and isolate Israel on the world stage is an affront to American values and American security,"

"The effort by those at the UN who have attempted to destroy Israel from the moment of its creation ought to be completely unacceptable to every American."

"Americans are committed to the state of Israel for moral, ethical, and strategic reasons. Ours is an unbreakable bond, and no use of politics dressed up as human rights will succeed in undermining our absolute commitment to Israel."-Mike Huckabee

Ahead of the United Nations vote that will take place this week regarding Palestinian statehood, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Danny Analyon explains the history of the Israeli Palestinian conflict.

As the Bibi Report detailed today, House Speaker John Boehner reiterated Congresses support of Israel:
"Israel Is Not Isolating Itself – Israel is Leading in the Middle East"

“We’re here to see that Israel continues to thrive – and to make clear it is America’s duty to stand by her side. Not just as a broker or observer – but as a strong partner and reliable ally"

“I invite the people in this room – and anyone as concerned as I am about the future of Israel – to speak out. Washington needs to hear from you, too."

“It is up to us to tell Israel’s story … to spread Israel’s truth. The voice of America starts with the people in this room."

You can view the live webcast of the counter conference at PJTV  Thursday, September 22

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craigs said...

We all stand with Israel......but few people, including the Governor of Texas, seem to understand what is going on in Europe and yesterday's downgrade of Italian sovereign debt by S and P. If Italy cascades ahead of Greece and Germany refuses to bail out either, the Euro will crash, the European Union will fail and we will have a global crisis that dwarfs 2008. America's economy will truly crash and we won't have 50 cents to help Israel ( nor will Israel). It is a perfect storm and somebody running for office better wake up.


TexasConservative said...

France will not attend the Durban III conference, dealing a heavy blow to the integrity of the anti-Israel “conference against racism.”

The United States, Israel, Britain, Canada, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Italy and the Czech Republic, Germany and Australia already have said they will boycott Durban III, 10 years after the first Durban meeting in South Africa.


Ohio JOE said...

"It is a perfect storm and somebody running for office better wake up." Haha, yeah, healthcare in every pot. TARP and SS for everybody. That will fix it.

craigs said...

Exactly what will fix it , OJ ?
Romney has 160 pages and 7 chapters on " fixing it". I haven't seen anything from anybody else. The disaster that is developing in Europe may solve the problem by eliminating All POTS entirely.
Give me 5 specific pieces of economic legislation that will help solve the problem. Then , give me 5 specific consequences of that legislation and explain how to handle or avoid the ensuing riots


Crystalf said...

Hi CraigS - in your first comment, I think you meant "......but few people, including the Governor of Texas, "DON'T" seem to understand what is going on in Europe " .. thought you might want to clarify that :) Thanks for all your insightful comments on the various boards ..

Anonymous said...

It was a confusing sentence. He did mean "few understand." But the few who do understand does not include Perry. The governor of Texas is one of the many who don't understand. Do you understand?