Sunday, August 21, 2011

Should our next President be Gaffe Prone and have a potty mouth?

From Joe Biden to Howard Dean, presidential candidates have made some pretty interesting remarks on their way to the White House. Rick Perry’s dirty-mouthed moment came back in 2005 and is set to haunt him by way of an upcoming book.

Ted Oberg, a reporter for ABC’s Houston affiliate, was covering education funding at the time and trying to find out Perry’s plans. After an unsuccessful interview, Oberg told Perry, “Try as I may, Governor, I guess I can’t win this one.”

With cameras still rolling, Perry turned to his spokesman, Robert Black, and gave his own interpretation of Oberg’s words.

“Try as I may, Governor, I’m not going to wait that long,” Perry chuckled. “Adios, mofo.”


....those infamous words did not go away so quickly. They inspired the title of anti-George W. Bush author James Moore’s forthcoming book, “Adios Mofo: Why Rick Perry Will Make America Miss George W. Bush.”

The full story is HERE.

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Anonymous said...

This happend 6 years ago folks. Governor Perry apologized publicly and privately. This one is wont stick. Win on the issues not on smear......~~Reaganesque

craigs said...

Probably the same comment many Texans were making when they heard Perry was going to run for President


Anonymous said...

I understand it was 5 years ago, but he was Gov. then and it does show an aspect of his character which are pretty well ingrained by then.

He has been apologozing A LOT lately......for his executive mandate HPV attempt, his protective statement of NY in support of gay marriage (flip flopped on that not long after)---guess that wasn't an apology.

It's good to apologize but it surely does make one wonder about his decision making and general character. At least it does me.

Anonymous said...

...oops, 6 years ago and I need to apologize for "apologozing A LOT lately" typo.


Anonymous said...

Great joke Craig!

Reagan, It's not a smear to state what Perry actually said and in context.

Certainly this is small beans compared to all the other crap this guy has said and done. But it isn't nothing either.

larry said...

How can any Republican take this man seriously?

There is no way he could win the general election.

Isn't that the most important issue for anty potential nominee?

tim said...

I'd like some Perry fan to tell me in what way would Perry be a better nominee than Romney in a general election?....chirp.....chirp...

Joe said...

Gov. Rick Perry mines Texas system to raise cash -

craigs said...

As Tim said,I'd like someone to tell me some POSITIVE things perry has done for Texas in the last 12 years...........that wouldn't have otherwise occurred for ANY Republican sitting in Austin with a GOP controlled legislature.

Oil and Gas Revenue ? Goes from
$ 20 / barrel to $ 115 /
barrel on Perry's watch.

Government/ Federal employment ?
Goes up 150 %

Military investment and jobs?
Two to three global wars and
MAJOR investment in Texas
bases and Texas military

How about the NEGATIVES ?

Drug money from Mexico ?
Goes up by a factor of 4 or 5

Unemployment ?
Now hitting the highest levels
since the Oil Bust of 25 years

State budget ?
$ 26 BILLION Deficit

Education ?
State is one of lowest in
Major cuts in education budget

Almost the bottom rung

Personal Wealth ?
Perry becomes a millionaire
on a salary of $ 100 -150 K
per year. Imagine what he
could do in Washington?
... State is in BOTTOM
quartile in weekly
manufacturing salaries.
Perry ? In top quartile

So, I'm all ears , folks


Anonymous said...

We want our leaders to be brash, undereducated, not driven, quitters, prone to drinking, spitting and swearing. We don't want a gentleman or gentlewoman. We can't stand gracious. We want loud mouth, carries a big gun but does not know how to shoot straight. We want annie oakley or Rambo in persona. Not Ben Franklin or Margaret Thatcher.

Anonymous said...

haha, anonymous 10:55 a.m.!! That's what some seem to want!

He seems to have "filled" a need some of the religious right has. Except, for me, his religious talk and his walk don't match up very well.

I'm looking for character where his/her religious beliefs/projection of beliefs are confirmed by their lives.

Anonymous said...

This comment by Perry shows that he's arrogant whenever he can, or thinks he can, get away with it.

Anonymous said...