Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Romney's Awkward Moment

This wasn't quite a "who let the dogs out" moment, but it sounds rather awkward nonetheless.
As Romney began to leave the company after his hourlong visit, he looked at the Ellen Boss, the girlfriend of the company’s general counsel, Cory Hussey.

“Nice,” Romney said as she blushed. “Nice choice. Just like me,” a reference to his wife, Ann.


Anonymous said...

Oh come on. This is idiotic. If this is the best people can do when they attack Romney we should nominate him tomorrow.

Doug NYC GOP said...


You correct when you said the Left Wing Media would go after Romney.

Although Axelrod denied they would use the "weird" angle to get Romney, the Media got their marching orders.

This kind of "Romney is awkward" story will be retold umteen times throught the race.

However, if and when you have a lucid moment and look at things objectively, you'll find many stories on how Romney has improved his retail political skills markedly, since 2008.

Although if you take thisn story at face value, perhaps Mitt's appreciation of a nice looking female, could be that reason you're looking for, to vote for him. (I'd put a smiley face here, but I don't want to show my feminine side, like Idiot for Anyone at Race)

Right Wingnut said...


How do you know she was nice looking? Do you have a photo? :) :0 ;)

Doug NYC GOP said...

A ha!

See you fell for Politico's (and my trap) - by assuming something untwdry had taken place.

Perhaps it was just a general "Nice choice" comment. And why wouldn't the woman blush. Wouldn't you if say Palin singled you out and complimented you?

All is not what it always appears, as you Palin Supporters like to remind us Rombots. :)

Noelle said...

I'm sorry but I don't get what happened. Is that poor sentence construction?

"As Romney began to leave the company after his hourlong visit, he looked at the Ellen Boss, the girlfriend of the company’s general counsel, Cory Hussey."

What does "he looked at the Ellen Boss" mean? Should it say "he looked at Ellen Boss?"

If Romney's moment was awkward, so was that sentence.

Anonymous said...

Noelle...always the grammar nazi...but a very good point.


Anonymous said...

I agree with Noelle, the post is grammatically incorrect, so it isn't possible to understand exactly what happened. There is also no explanation of when this happened or where. You will have to do better if you want to appear credible in your criticism of Romney.


Noelle said...

Hey, I'm not ALWAYS a grammar Nazi. Just when it is an extremely annoying error, or, as in this case, I didn't (and still don't) know what they're talking about.

As obnoxious as I get with spelling and grammar, it's hard to believe that I was in 9th grade before I learned the correct spelling of "because." How embarrassing is that?

Anonymous said...

You did say you were from Kentucky didn't you...so it's not all that embarrassing ;)


Noelle said...

I can't use Kentucky as my excuse, however. I am a transplant. My K-12 education took place in the state of New York.

Joe said...
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