Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Romney gives Perry a lesson in Electability

Rick Perry recently took the opportunity to take a couple of jabs at Mitt Romney's Massachusetts Health Care law.stating during two interviews that it looked very similar to Obamacare.

Payback is sweet when it is based upon FACTS. During a town hall meeting in NH Monday night, Romney got his chance:
When one man asked if he plans to campaign harder in Dixie than he did during his last presidential campaign, Mr. Romney replied that he has potential in several southern states.”Last time around I did really well in Florida,” Mr. Romney said. “I know most people don’t consider that Dixie but it certainly is in the South.”

Mr. Romney also said he hoped to do well in South Carolina, which holds the first primary in the South, and in West Virginia.

And then he focused on Texas. “There was a poll that I guess was about a month ago that was a little surprising,” Mr. Romney said. “It had me as the only Republican candidate who in Texas could beat President Obama. I think I was ahead by eight points, no one else was ahead of me. So I’d like to get Texas.”
I remember that poll as well. Perry losing to Obama in his own RED STATE. Nice ELECTABILITY REMINDER. What's the point of winning the GOP nomination, IF YOU CAN'T BEAT THE PRESIDENT!

Now I know that 90% of Romney's supporters will probably believe that Romney's comeback was not deliberate. I'm with the 10% that hopes that it was.

While the economy is one of Romney's true strengths, I believe ELECTABILITY is almost as important. Romney needs to play that up every chance he gets.

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Gerard said...

As lukewarm as most Texans are about their current governor, I doubt they would vote to reelect Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Although apparently he still has a high favorability rating in North Carolina, so I could very well be wrong. In any case, I don't think either of the two is the best the GOP can do next year.

Anonymous said...

rick perry is a little bitch.

Right Wingnut said...

Speaking of electability...can someone please remind me exactly how many elections Romney has won?

And, just exactly how many primaries did he win in 2008? I'll help you out with that one. THREE...his home state of Massachusetts, Michigan - where his father was governor, and the Mormon capital of the world, Utah. Considering he outspent all of his competitiors combined, and his main competitior was/is loathed by the base, that's a pathetic result.

I'm no Rick Perry fan, but last time I checked, he's never lost an election.

Right Wingnut said...

Furthermore, that poll DID NOT conclude that Mitt was the only one who would be Obama in TX. Mitt either got his facts wrong, or flat out lied.

Right Wingnut said...

So...Mitt is using a Democrat pollster who receives funding from SEIU to gauge his support? How fitting.

BOSMAN said...


Romney IS THE ONLY Republican WHO BEAT Obama in that poll.


MOE -+3.5%

Doesn't take an MIT diploma to do the math on this.


BOSMAN said...

Electability, INCLUDES more than the nomination. it INCLUDES THE GENERAL.

The ability to not only win Red States but purple (swing states) as well. The majority of poll show that ONLY ROMNEY has that kind of strength.

The key in most states are INDEPENDENTS! They seem to like Romney a whole lot more than the others.

Right Wingnut said...

Nice spin Bosman, but that's not what he was implying.

Mitt Romney 42/50/9 (+8)
Ron Paul 40/45/15 (+5)
Michele Bachmann 44/47/9 (+3)
Tim Pawlenty 43/44/13 (+1)
Herman Cain 43/43/14 (-)
Sarah Palin 46/44/10 (-2)
Rick Perry 47/45/8 (-2)

BOSMAN said...

No Spin RWN, That's what My Post was implying.

Try reading it slower this time.

Right Wingnut said...

Scott Walker and the rest of the Wisconsin GOP is proving that you don't need to make nice with the Democrats to win to win in blue states. Bad news for Romney.

BOSMAN said...

How is that bad news?

Romney has been focused on Obama since day 1. He's done nothing but attack him on Jobs, economy, S&P....etc. Check his ads as well.

If Romney complements Obama every so often, it's usually before he say's how bad Obama is doing and the economy on whole.

It's called BALANCE (YING/YANG).

It seperates those who do well in polls from those BLOWHARDS (?) that don't.

Right Wingnut said...

H/T Techno

Folks here is the Romney nugget of the day:

FAVORABLE/UNFAVORABLE Performance among VERY CONSERVATIVE voters in the most recent poll and the poll before that and the difference:


MICHIGAN 8/9 56/30 3/29 63/24 -13

NEVADA 8/4 60/27 4/28 67/20 -14

VA 8/2 45/40 3/3 61/21 -35

NH 7/6 56/33 4/5 71/19 -29

FLA 6/23 50/34 4/5 59/27 -16

IOWA 6/1 46/40 4/19 52/26 -20

WISC 5/27 46/34 3/4 56/26 -18

Major drop-off in VERY CONSERVATIVE support across the board.

BOSMAN said...


That is nothing new. Romney never tops the favorability polls.

Those same polls have him either in 1st or close to first for the GOP nomination.

Those same polls have him either beating Obama or doing better than the other GOP candidates.

People vote for THE MOST COMPETENT, not who they like more.

BOSMAN said...


I forgot about Palin supporters.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm whats palins favorable/unfavorable? Riiiighhht!!

Well at least romney can win his state of MA...the sad thing palin cant win alaska, but you cant blame them, you cant support someone who QUITS on you in search of more money and a bigger spotlight!

Right Wingnut said...


These results coincide with his overall slide over the past several months. Very conservative voters are the most likely to show up to their caucuses and primaries, so I wouldn't call it insignificant.

I think you better worry about the nomination before you start jumping ahead to the general.

Right Wingnut said...

Anon @ 12:06,

Palin consistently ranks at or near the top in favorability among Republicans and Republican leaning independents.

Having said that, this thread is NOT about Palin.

Anonymous said...

PW, is she or isnt she going to run? It seems like she cant even decide something as simple as that. Why dont you call her up and tell her to jump in already. I would love to see her in the debate, but then again, there may be some tough questions for her.

Anonymous said...

I take that back, its never an easy decision to run for president, especially for palin with young children, but i would think that shes had plenty of time to decide now. I mean bristol palin said her mom definitely knows and made a decision only to have palin come out and say shes still undecided and thinking about it. But she did say on fox that shes listening to rush bimbo and mark levin to see where she can be the most effective. She will be effective everywhere else but running for president.

Revolution 2012 said...


A good example of electability is The new McClatchy/Marist poll:

Obama 46
Romney 41 (-5)

Obama 52
Perry 33 (-19)

ONLY PALIN does worse.

Right Wingnut said...



Throw the McClatchy poll in the circular file.

Is this thread about Romney and Perry...or is it about Palin?

Right Wingnut said...

also, 1000 adults...


Anonymous said...

what is the latest on palin? Any decisions coming soon?

Anonymous said...

Same message she's been giving for the last 9 months:

I'm close to making a decision.