Sunday, August 7, 2011

Rasmussen Poll: Bachmann and Romney statistically tied in Iowa

Scott Rasmussen released results of his newest poll on the GOP Presidential race in Iowa. Hosting a radio show on WLS in Chicago and WMAL in Washington DC:

GOP Nomination:

Michelle Bachmann 22%
Mitt Romney 21%
Ron Paul 16%
Rick Perry 12%
Tim Pawlenty 11%

If you would like to listen to Scott Rasmussen's Radio Show, click the Rasmussen Button Below:

(Poll results at the 27:30 minute mark)

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BOSMAN said...

This plus the straw poll yesterday, seem to suggest that Romney is very much in this Straw poll contest. Without even trying.

Ben said...

Great numbers for Romney.

You wonder how the others feel. They've basically been living there for the past month and here's Romney tied for first.

Anonymous said...

I hope Romney wins the Iowa straw poll and take Bachman out of this quickly. She should have never entered the race... she's almost as crazy as Palin.

Anonymous said...

Romney can't win the straw poll. He's not making any effort, even though they included him in the poll.

I don't think anyone should get their hopes up that Romney will even come close.

The Iowa caucus is what counts, anyway.


Stephen Monteith said...

He may not win, Martha; but anyone who places after him in the poll seriously needs to consider leaving the race.

Anonymous said...

Stephen, true, since he's a write in. We'll see.


Doug NYC GOP said...

Don't be surprised, if Romney continues to poll strongly like this, with minimal effort, to see a late play roll out, just after Thanksgiving.

Mitt will have resourses to spend and a few Iowa debates in Dec/Jan to come in and make a bigger than expected, although not fiull bore push. Just enough to place near the top and take the steam out of any other candidate's victory.

Then on to NH and a his Rendezvous with 2012 Destiny. ;)

Anonymous said...

martha, Romney is on the ballot, and is not a 'write in'. Pain and Perry are both write in's. But I am pretty sure that Romney is actually on the straw ballot.

Anonymous said...

Ellie, you're right, I don't know why I said that. Must be late, time for bed!