Sunday, August 7, 2011

Race Riots at Wisconsin State Fair

The scum in the MSM are not even covering this.

Milwaukee has recently fallen victim to multiple race riots involving black youths brutally attacking white people at random. Opening day at the Wisconsin State Fair ended with nearly 300 black youths randomly attacking and robbing white people as they exited the fair. These attacks are clearly race related thus making it a hate crime, but prosecutors are hesitant to label it as such for fear of backlash from the black community. This is ridiculous in itself... Milwaukee Police Chief, who is black, has made a public statement calling for stronger black leadership in the city. This kind of behavior, from any group of people, is unacceptable today in what SHOULD BE a civilized society!

More from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

The trouble at the fair started around 7 p.m. Thursday in the midway area, where amusement rides are located, when fights broke out among black youths, said Tom Struebing, chief of the State Fair Police. Those fights did not appear to be racially motivated.

Then around the closing time of 11 p.m., witnesses told the Journal Sentinel, dozens to hundreds of black youths attacked white people as they left the fair, punching and kicking people and shaking and pounding on their vehicles.

At least 31 people were arrested - many for disorderly conduct - in connection with the incidents on the fairgrounds and on the streets outside. At least 11 people, seven of them police officers, were injured, officials said. Twenty-four people were arrested within the fairgrounds by State Fair Police. West Allis police arrested seven people, five of them juveniles, outside the fairgrounds.

Struebing said two injured officers were hospitalized; one was hit in the face with an improvised weapon, the other suffered a concussion.


Witnesses, though, told the Journal Sentinel that the attacks appeared to be unprovoked and racially motivated.

"You could just tell they were after white people. That was the main thing. If you were white, they were coming after you," said Jon Stikl of Oak Creek.

He said he was stuck in traffic as a group of young people blocked cars near the fair gate on S. 84th St. near I-94 after he picked up family members attending the fair.

"We noticed a group of five to 10 young black males run up and jump a young white male for no other reason then him being white," Stikl said.

They knocked him to the ground, and then a group of 15 black men kicked and stomped on him, Stikl said.

"My wife's brother jumped out of the car - his natural reaction was to try to break it up. Before you knew it, five or 10 guys were on him and started punching at him. My wife was able to pull him back in the car. So now they surrounded my car and just started punching through the windows, kicking and shaking the car, screaming racial things."


The violence is similar to what occurred in Milwaukee's Riverwest neighborhood over the July 4 holiday, when about 60 young people beat and robbed a smaller group that had been watching fireworks from Kilbourn Reservoir Park. The injured people were white; the attackers were African-American, witnesses said. Another group looted a convenience store.

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Anonymous said...

im not racist, and have many black friends, but i say the ones that commit these types of acts need to get sent to africa and let them suffer. I have seen this type of behavior from them, i lived in miami and have seen groups of blacks assault and harass whites after leaving a nightclub. Ive also seen groups of blacks gather together after a night out, and harass and grab females inappropriately as they walk by. Im 6'4 260 and a bouncer at these clubs, they dont mess with me or commit these acts inside the clubs, but they do it a few yards outside which all we can do is notify police and they are pretty much gone when police gets there.

No Nonsense said...

Send these country cops down to S.
Florida here. The Broward and Dade Sheriff's Offices will teach them how to handle these affairs in no time short. This NEVER should have gone this far!

BOSMAN said...

These pathetic scumbags deserve to pick on someone carrying a glock with a full clip and a spare or two.

Anonymous said...

no nonsense

i agree south florida sheriffs dont play

bravetruth said...

gee I don't want to sound racist like everyone else here so let me just say 'get REAL everybody- everything you've been exposed to for the last 50 years since the Jews (2% ethnic minority) took over everything they thought they had to like unions, Civil Rights, the Media, trial law, ACLU, schools, your kids, we've seen a decline as they try to buy Dem votes with our money to stay in power. Wake the f up.

Anonymous said...

What is disgraceful is the lack of coverage by the media. Somehow, whites DESERVE to be victimized by blacks, so it's not worth reporting. Committing crimes against white people because they are white should be a hate crime, but it isn't viewed as such. We cannot maintain order in an environment where the bad behavior of minorities is excused because society has decided that minorities are the victims.

We have some of that same type of justification going on here in Arizona when it comes to hispanics, even when they are here illegally. Their behavior is excused because they are "victims" and white people aren't.


bravetruth said...

Yeah, yeah, we all tried to have black friends so we weren't Archie Bunker thanks to Norman Lear. But if we're honest like Lear wasn't what we've found is they are tied to their genes from Africa that value food, money, status, violence (kinda nature/animal like, sorry), no interest in raising intelligent kids, just having a good time. Let's be honest, and not care what Diane Sawyer and her liberal Jewish husband, and his tribe in the MSM

Anonymous said...

I am a black male. What happened at the fair ground was not called for. Those groups of black teens who did this should be prescuted by the fullest extent of the law. I don't care what there race.

Those who were subjected to such violence. I am sorry and wished this never happened to you. Those who were involved in such acts should face the severest consequences of what the law should give