Monday, August 8, 2011

Perry is Bush lite...Sarah Palin with a skirt

GOP consultant Alex Castellanos dumped all over Gov. Rick Perry this morning on NBC's Meet the Press, calling him "Sarah Palin with a skirt" and a lesser version of George W. Bush - and not in a good way.

"He has some challenges. One of them is that people think he's a little bit of a coffee table book. He's kind of Sarah Palin with a skirt. Not a substantive candidate," Castellanos said when host David Gregory asked if Perry could give the current front-runner, Mitt Romney, a run for his money.

Castellanos - who has advised Romney and in 2006, worked for Perry challenger Carole Keeton Strayhorn -- said Perry could get support from conservatives "but only for a while.... He's the candidate of jobs and growth, but Republicans don't think that governors and governments create them [jobs]. They think businessmen do. He's running against businessmen. And he echoes the last campaign, which I think we lost. Which was, you know, Obama ran against George Bush and, in many ways, Perry's just a lighter copy."

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Anonymous said...

Bos, I just wonder if Perry will even get in--after the hits he's taken recently

It's a slap in the face when you start experiencing the scrutiny of a real campaign.


Paul said...

I have been waiting for this kind of sentiment on Perry to come out. Perry's hoped-for campaign seems to exist only because of Romney. His main qualifying factor is that he is not Mitt (not Mormon). Without Mitt, there is no national recognition of him. His weakness will become all too apparent when/if he declares, and then has to think on his feet against Mitt in debate. He is a huge bubble about to burst.

Anonymous said...

Paul, I think you're right. The interviews I've watched of Perry don't impress. He's like Palin--good at delivering some red meat soundbites--but probably not too deep on the issues.


Anonymous said...

Shouldn't that be 'withOUT a skirt"?


Anonymous said...

Right on all counts. Romney is the best candidate the GOP has .... best chance to defeat Obama based upon economic background.

marK said...

Yeah, I caught that too, Martha.

Palin DOES have a skirt. Or is the Castellanos implying Perry is a cross-dresser?

NotLiteInTheLoafers said...


Maybe that's What Rick and Rudy have in common.