Thursday, August 18, 2011

Obama: Don't blame me...blame the internet

At least he's not blaming GW here. I wonder how Al Gore feels?

He as absolutely NO CLUE!

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Noelle said...

He has only a superficial understanding of the economy. That is clear to me. That is not going to cut it when you are supposedly the leader of the free world. The guy is grossly under-qualified for his job.

Machtyn said...

Wow! While it is unfortunate that automation has killed jobs, that automation has increased efficiency and profitability.

Oh, I wish I remember the article I read over a year ago (or longer) about how people who have lost jobs due to efficiencies... wait! It's in Romney's book, "No Apologies".

Ok, the gist of it is that even with efficiencies, people will move into other jobs, other opportunities are opened up, etc.

Good grief. Listening to Obama speak... and people called him a great orator? Okay, enough of that. Clean and quiet factories is a "bad" thing? Efficiency is a bad thing? Wait, what?! That whole sequence was to promote the need for kids' education for the future? What happened to jobs?

He absolutely has NO CLUE!


Anonymous said...

My husband is not anywhere near as political as I am. However, he is a manager in a private company. Every single time Obama speaks, he never takes responsibility for anything that goes wrong. For that reason alone, my husband will not vote for him. Blaming others is what weak people do when the going gets tough. Anyone who has ever been mature enough to take responsibility in life knows that.