Tuesday, August 9, 2011

No Successes, So Attack Romney Personally

Politico has an interesting article out today showing the candid honesty of some of President Obama's campaign team. I think that their whole strategy can be summed up in the following quote:
“Unless things change and Obama can run on accomplishments, he will have to kill Romney,” said a prominent Democratic strategist aligned with the White House.
The reason why Obama can't run on his accomplishments is because he doesn't have many of them. Now, as many of you may know, I am not a partisan. In fact, I would go as far as to say that I don't think that President Obama has been that liberal. His foreign policy and national security strategy has been uplifted from the Bush/Cheney administration. His health care policies have largely been borrowed from the Republicans of yore. His economic strategy is what is most troubling. But even then, until 2013 when the taxes embedded into the health care law go into effect, President Obama will have been a fierce net tax cutter. Arguably, Obama has been to the right of Richard Nixon and not far removed from George H.W. Bush.

Having said all of that, President Obama has been an ineffective leader. He has virtually no successes to point to. He has not made the slightest dint in unemployment. He has not made the slightest dint in the deficit. He has not contributed a long term plan that will put America's financial house in order. If he expects to run as the guy who caught Osama bin Laden in a time that will likely feature the fourth year of chronic unemployment, then he had better come up with a good strategy.

He has. Hope that the Republicans nominate somebody other than Romney or attack Romney personally.

I just want to encourage conservatives on a simple fact: Obama is not a Kenyan socialist. He is just a bad president.

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Anonymous said...

IMO, by releasing this plan so early, they are hoping to scare Republicans away from Romney--especially those who are already uncomfortable with his faith.

They didn't specifically say they would go there, but it's implicit in the hint about weirdness.


Joe said...

Romney Campaign Issues Statement on President Obama's Re-Election Strategy

Noelle said...

I find it interesting that Obama and his team seem to already accept that Romney will be their opponent. I also find it interesting that by making a personal attack on Romney the central theme of their campaign, Obama and his folks seem to already accept that Obama has absolutely no redeeming qualities of his own upon which to run.

Anonymous said...

On the issues Romney has Obama's number. None of the other republicans do, only red meat.

Good points to remember Pablo about Obama's actual governance.

Anonymous said...

Having heard parts of the Politico article myself, I agree that "weird" is probably a euphemism for "Mormon." I am sure that if they are going to go after Romney on character, it will probably be one of the worst religious attacks we have seen. I do not look forward to it.

I am convinced that with 22 percent of people agreeing in polls that they would have trouble voting for a Mormon, the Obama team feel confident that they can peel enough support away from Romney on that basis alone to destroy his chance of being President. Add to that the unpopularity of having actually worked as a CEO and MADE MONEY in business, and there will be more people unwilling to support him. Crazy world we live in. I hope that Team Obama is absolutely wrong in their assessment of the American people.

I believe that if Team Obama aren't careful in their religious attacks, it will backfire on them in a big way. I am remembering a race in Utah County--one of the most solidly Republican counties in the USA, I'm sure--between a married guy named Karl Snow(??) and a Democrat named Orton. Snow had the race sewed up until about two days before when his team ran ads showing Snow with his wife and family contrasted with Orton, who was single. Voters disliked the ads so much, they went to the voting booth and voted for Orton. Orton had one or two terms in Congress--where he met and married his wife, by the way--and then Utah County found someone else. Strange things happen in politics sometimes.


Right Wingnut said...


It would be much more subtle than wha you are suggesting. It wouldn't be "Team Obama" attacking Mitt's faith. The attacks would originate in the LSM. Even those would be somewhat subtle....sprinkle in a story about polygamy here and there...mix in a story about the rift between evanelicals and Mormons...

Anonymous said...


The MSM is already doing that all the time.


Anonymous said...

AZ, Bill Orton was my good friend when I was at BYU. He was a fine person, and I'm glad that shenanighan backfired.


GetReal said...

Obama may not want to bring religion into the discussion. The "chickens" will "come home to roost." "God BLESS America? Oh, no no no. God Da.." well, you get the picture.

Anonymous said...

yeah obamas team will try to bring out mitt's "weird" religion, mitt should counter with some jeremiah wright quotes.

Anonymous said...

RW, I think that it would be a mistake for Team Obama to attack religion openly, but who knows what they will actually do. There is already a lot of "Mormons are weird" stuff floating around. Desperation can cause people to lose perspective; all it takes is one mistake from Team Obama, and people will be done with them. I am NOT counting on it happening, I am merely hoping that if Team Obama spreads poison around, they manage to poison themselves with it. I can hope, can't I?

Martha, I grew up in Utah County, so I heard about that race from my parents. It was a little strange for Utah County to have a Democrat representative, but I can understand how offended people were.

As good a person as Orton is, it still can't make up for putting someone like Nancy Pelosi in power, which is why I often vote party even when I have to hold my nose to do so. People--especially "independents"--often have the romantic idea that if we just vote for good people, everything will be great. Unfortunately, we really need to see who has control of the House and the Senate when we vote for a Party. Obama hasn't created this huge deficit in a vacuum. He had the assistance of Pelosi and Reid, who didn't even bother PASSING a budget for 2011. Now the Repubs are the bad guys for coming in and passing budgets. It's hard to fight such people when so many Americans are ignorant of the process!